LAUREN CHEN: Pride propaganda is now ruining air travel

Air travel has become a bitter nightmare over the past three years. From crazy flight attendants going on power trips by demanding you keep your face diaper on, to draconian social distancing policies, it’s been rough for everyday people to keep supporting airlines.

Alas, even as draconian COVID-19 mandates eased up on air travel, the industry has been working on other policies and measures meant to embarrass and further humiliate their passengers. Case in point: United and Virgin Airlines recently teamed up to bring more pride magic to airline passengers.

Both airlines teamed up with the stupidly woke government of Australia to promote a new pride flight from America’s LGBT activism capital of San Francisco to Sydney. The trailer for the flight looks like a glitter bomb collaboration straight out of pride month. The trailer features drag queens, a sea of pride symbols, affluent white female liberals, and a ton of insufferable rainbows.

It’s enough pride propaganda that would make any frequent flyer choose an alternative airline, even the Greyhound airlines of the skies, Spirit and Frontier airlines, look like better travel alternatives.

United even went as far as to tout the woke diversity, equity, and conclusion (DEI) policy they’re trying to implement within the airline industry. Dumping meritocracy in favor of woke diversity demands that safety be sidelined in favor of putting representation first. Such policies aren’t just taking over the airline industry, but other high-end professional industries as well. 

Sooner or later, with many airline companies adhering to these degenerate liberal social values, it’s only a matter of time until domestic airline crashes become the norm. Airline companies will attempt to hide behind the veil of DEI to deflect from the accountability of their lower airline safety standards and the poor service that too many people have become accustomed to.

This is also just a convenient excuse to explain why they tend to lose your checked-in luggage or force you to wait on the runway for hours on end. As the seasoned vanguard generation of pilots and air traffic controllers begin to retire, don’t be surprised when we once yearn for their knowledge and experience every time we buckle up on our next flight.  

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