POSOBIEC, EMMONS, WINTERS: The only beneficiary of a forever war in Ukraine is the CCP

On the Sunday Special episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec spoke with The Post Millennial and Human Events Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons and War Room Correspondent Natalie Winters about how the Biden's leadership of the United States is causing its enemies to "unify fully against us in every conceivable sphere," especially to the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party.

"The number one beneficiary of Ukraine turning into a Forever War is the Chinese Communist Party," Winters said and Emmons jumped in to mention the reports that Russia has requested arms from China. "So then what we have is this war between Ukraine and Russia—turns into a war between the US, China, and Russia. And that seems to be exactly the kind of thing we should be seeking to not get ourselves involved in."

On the February 5 Sunday Special, Posobiec spoke with Raheem J. Kassam who said the "prevailing Western regime, the neoliberal world order regime of people" are elites bent on "forever wars" and Ukraine was that "current thing." Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 prompting the US to send weapons and munitions to aid Zelenskyy in value of $30 billion dollars plus another $50 million in humanitarian aid. 

Joe Biden visited Kyiv and pledged another $500 million on February 20, signaling support for the forever war. 

Posobiec said it was "like political illiteracy" for the US to do anything to draw China and Russia closer. "There are three great powers in the world," he added and pointed to the US, Russia, and China.

Posobiec said if you were the US, "you want to do everything you can to isolate the CCP and break up the CCP's relationship with Russia."

"And instead what we're doing is driving them closer together," Emmons added.

"And then demonizing both of them at the same time, right into an alliance," Posobiec said.

Emmons continued and said "and also we have China pressuring Saudi Arabia to sell oil in yuan, of course, which is a huge problem. In December, Chinese leader Xi Jinping told Arab leaders that China was prepared to purchase oil and gas from the Gulf in yuan, a Chinese currency."

She went on to note that China was "soliciting Russia to buy oil from them instead, you know, especially after the US basically blew up the pipelines to Europe," referring to the recent report from journalist Seymour Hersh that said the September 26, 2022 Nordstream pipeline destruction  was a deliberate act of sabotage approved by Joe Biden."

"Yeah, it really seems like we are telling our enemies that they should unify fully against us in every conceivable sphere economically, socially and with weapons," Emmons said.


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