LAUREN CHEN: Conservatives have surrendered every institution in America

Over the past sixty years, Conservatives have surrendered every institution, from universities, to media, K-12 education, urban cities, and most recently, what was our “bipartisan” military. Cynical about the future of the conservative movement, and even the country as a whole, some pundits and politicians are proposing what may seem like a radical notion: a national divorce. 

It doesn’t matter if you move to the backwoods of rural, conservative America; the left is simply not interested in leaving you alone. Any conservative proselytizing their beliefs is a threat to their revolutionary messaging, so wherever you are, you’re a challenge to their worldview, authority, and socialist utopia.

So yes, many right-wingers from all over the country have begun fleeing the likes of leftist hellscapes like New York and California, and are coalescing in conservative states, like Florida. But the ever-growing Federal Government, which is largely run by the left, now ensures that no matter where you are in America, your life and liberties will be subject to the whims of the tyrants.Put simply the left is not interested in “agree to disagree” or “live and let live.” So why aren’t more conservatives challenging the status quo?

Mickey Mouse is using the women’s restroom, and pride flags are displayed in rural American public schools. What conservatives have done so far is not enough. Liberal ideologues maintain control over all industries, from tech to multinational conglomerates. The left has systemically infiltrated bureaucracies, entertainment, the media, tech, and education. It’s hard to change hearts and minds when most institutions have already been won over by cultural Marxists. 

Whether we like it or not, conservatives must face reality. Progressives are determined to eradicate every old tradition, and destroy any legacy from people who built the western world. They do this all while making you compliant.

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