Libby Emmons, Tanya Posobiec detail horrors of gender identity indoctrination in schools

During the latest episode of War Room, Libby Emmons and Tanya Posobiec exposed several glaring issues in sexual education curriculums across Europe, with the wife of guest host Jack Posobiec telling the disturbing story of a Ukrainian refugee woman being told to go back to her country if she didn't agree with a French school teaching her eight-year-old to choose a gender.

Emmons, the Editor-in-Chief of The Post Millennial, began by telling the podcast host of a sexual education class in the Isle of Man that was so inappropriate that even teachers who were forced to give the lesson told their pupils to tune it out.

"At the Isle of Man, they have a sex-ed curriculum that is part of the personal social health and economic curriculum. And part of that program is that in grades seven and eight they were taught how to masturbate by their teachers," Emmons said. "They were taught about anal sex. They were taught the medical mechanics of sex change surgeries, and they were taught by a drag queen that there were 73 genders."

Jack Posobiec asked in disbelief, "A drag queen that came into the school?"

"Yeah, apparently there was a drag queen in the sex-ed class, teaching the kids that there were 73 genders," Emmons replied. "And when one student piped up, and said that there were not 73 genders, that drag queen said that they were uncomfortable and ejected the student from the class."

"So parents got wind of what was happening," she continued. "They were concerned, to say the least, their kids were made uncomfortable by it, and the parents launched a petition to get an investigation going into this curriculum."

Emmons said the "teachers interestingly, were also uncomfortable about the curriculum and uncomfortable that they had to teach it per the requirements of the educational system. And there was one teacher who… actually said to the students to not listen to the lesson at all, to just completely tune it out, because they were so uncomfortable at having to teach it, and perhaps didn't even agree with the lessons themselves."

The Isle of Man, though geographically and politically connected to the United Kingdom, has its own educational system under the Department of Education, Sport & Culture. On Monday, The Telegraph reported that an independent review into the Queen Elizabeth II High School in the town district of Peel had been launched due to the disturbing sex-ed class, and the course has been suspended.

"A lot of children are just too traumatized to even talk to their parents," Eliza Cox, vice-chairman of Marown Commissioners, told Energy FM Isle of Man. "As a parent, you don't know what your child is being taught."

Concerned parents have launched a petition that has already garnered over 500 signatures calling for an "immediate investigation into the alleged actions of teachers delivering the age-inappropriate material to children." 

"So we've actually got to the point now with this stuff, where there are teachers who have reached their breaking point, because you know, this isn't the Libs of TikTok-type teachers, that are going in and pushing it. They're even saying they have problems with this type of material for little kids," said Jack Posobiec, before introducing his wife's story from a Ukrainian refugee family.

"The story came actually from a mom who is currently a refugee with her eight-year-old daughter in France... So her eight-year-old daughter came home with an assignment in her writing class and the assignment asked... who she wants to be, a 'boy' or 'girl,'" Tanya Posobiec said.

She continued, saying, "Mom, well, obviously was not very comfortable with the question itself, and she took it to the teacher, and she said she doesn't want her kid to be in that class. She does not agree with the class, and so the teacher ends up taking it to the school board, and the answer that came to Mom is truly shocking."

"Basically, she was told that not only she's not allowed to withdraw from the class, where eight-year-olds are writing an assignment whether they want to be a girl or a boy. Moreso, if she doesn't like the class, she's free to leave the country because in France, the way they educate their kids, and the way they present and teach [to] eight-year-olds is this way, and if she doesn't like it, she's free to go back home," she said.

Jack Posobiec expressed his shock at the story, saying "So... they're telling the Ukrainian refugee — Ukraine is a traditional culture — so they're telling this to a Ukrainian mother, a refugee, who has come… over, her husband is back fighting, because men can't leave Ukraine right now because of all this going on."

"So [he's] back in martial law. And then his daughter, while he's fighting, is in France, being forced to question whether or not she wants to be a girl or a boy. And if you have a problem with it, France told her to go back to Ukraine," he said incredulously. 

"That's correct," Tanya Posobiec replied.

Emmons called the story "disturbing."

"And those kinds of lessons are not just in France, or in the UK," she continued. "They are here in the US. In New York City, the city council funds drag queen story hours across the city in libraries and all over the place, and it's really rather disturbing to see this. What was once a staple of adult nightlife entertainment, drag queens have now been essentially canonized as saints in the identitarian religion of the left and sex-ed and gender ideology are the theology that they are teaching."

"And we can see it's really transparent too, because anytime someone tries to provide Christian lessons - we saw for example, Kirk Cameron created a book with Brave Books and he was trying to do story hours at libraries that hosted drag queen story hours and he was denied," she noted.

In December, it was reported that Brave Books reached out to fifty libraries to book story hours for Cameron, a Christian actor and author, but were either turned down or ignored every time.

"We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align," said a representative of the Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island.

A branch of the San Diego Public Library System also turned down Brave Books' request, suggesting Cameron would not garner an audience because of "how diverse [the] community is."

The Alameda County Library denied Cameron a slot in similar fashion, while allowing drag queens to read to young children instead.

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