POSOBIEC: 'There Would Be No Project Veritas Without James O'Keefe'

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec provided his insight into the news that the Project Veritas board of directors forced founder James O'Keefe out of the company he created. Posobiec said that he has always been a longtime supporter of O'Keefe and Veritas and that he is "deeply committed to every single piece of work that they've done."

"There would be no Project Veritas without James O'Keefe. There'd be no Apple without Steve Jobs. The world needs creators and founders," said Posobiec. 

O'Keefe was forced out of the company after allegations by staffers that he was difficult to work with. Project Veritas hemorrhaged followers in the wake of the news, with O'Keefe surpassing Veritas in Twitter followers just days after his expulsion. 

"I've spoken to James... in the past couple of weeks, and other people who are involved in this.

"It's tough for me. When there's a fight inside the family like this, it's rough, because everybody knows people on both sides, and you just want the fight to go away because you want the family to come together. That's how I feel about this. It feels like this movement is a family, and for somebody like James, such an important part of this family, to see him attacked like this, publicly smeared like this by his own organization, makes me sick to my stomach.

"We must take this opportunity to prove that PV is NOT a cult of personality but a force to be reckoned with we will grow and thrive and produce and distribute content that uncovers corruption and hypocrisy as we always have we have many new faces to show off to our growing audience who are curious what we can do," the email reads, concluding with "LETS SHOW THEM!!!"

Posobiec continued, "There are forces currently at play here. 2024 is fast approaching. If you think that the regime wants to respond to all the gains that have been made on the ground in this national-populist movement that we're in– if you were a smart regime and you wanted to take out your opponent, what would you do? You would infiltrate them and you'd sow dissension. You would ignite a civil war between competing factions."

"We've seen a lot of this lately over the past couple of weeks and I keep my mouth shut, for the most part. But this behind the curtains stuff, whether at Tim Pool or Daily Wire, all of this different dissension... that normally would stay behind the curtain. Who benefits from this?"

"The same type of analysis that I'd put on world events, I'd put on this type of situation, to our movement, to our family. Cui Bono, Cui Malo. Who benefits, and who suffers?

"Who suffers? That's obvious. The entire populist-nationalist movement suffers. When you get into a mud fight, you get mud on everyone.

"Who benefits? Ah... Well, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, more than any of us, have an enemies list that's a mile long. Those people are the ones who benefit. The people that are getting away with their corruption right now because James O'Keefe and Project Veritas are running around chasing their tail like this, the people that they'd normally be going after are breathing a sigh of relief. Isn't that interesting?

"Isn't it interesting that the people who seem to benefit from this are the ones that have always been on the wrong end of Project Veritas's investigations?

"What can I say? Wouldn't the most poetic justice be if you've been infiltrated by James O'Keefe, to infiltrate him back?

"It happens, it's done, the die is cast and the sides have been drawn. The work goes on.
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