Judge Napolitano: Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipeline Likely 'an Act of War'

On the Sunday Special episode of Human Events Daily, Judge Andrew Napolitano spoke with host Jack Posobiec about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The pair discussed a recent report from journalist Seymour Hersh that claimed the September 26, 2022 destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline was a deliberate act of US sabotage approved by Joe Biden, and if true, called the president's actions "an act of war," and "totally immoral, utterly unconstitutional. And probably criminal."

Concerning American involvement in the sabotage, the judge told Posobiec, "As a matter of law, it's an act of war. And it's an act of war against Russia and against Germany, Germany owned the pipeline. So whoever ordered this, and it could only have come from the President of the United States, caused tens of millions of Germans to suffer through a cold winter in order to inconvenience the Russian treasury."

Napolitano went on to say that the attacks did "minimal damage to the Russian economy" and "it's an act of war, not declared by the Congress. Totally immoral, utterly unconstitutional. And probably criminal."

The two men were analyzing the international, political, and economic factors at play in the ongoing war in Ukraine, and how the destruction of the Nordtream pipeline, which pumped natural gas from Russia to Europe, related to the war.

Posobiec had previously said that when he was an intelligence officer for the United States Navy, the would say "'never believe something until it's been officially denied.'" On Wednesday, the White House denied Hersh's report. As The Post Millennial reported, the White House denied involvement in the sabotage immediately in September. Reporters at the time brought up that Biden in February had said that the pipelines would "not move forward" if Russia invaded Ukraine.

"You have these official denials from the CIA, from the State Department, from the Biden administration saying 'This did not happen. The Biden administration was absolutely not behind the bombing of Nord Stream one and Nord Stream two,'" Posobiec said, and later added, "Is there anyone with a right thinking mind that actually thought that something else happened here other than someone in the west or associated with NATO took out those pipelines?"

Judge Napolitano agreed that no "knowledgeable person" would believe otherwise and Hersh's reporting was "consistent with the Dutch investigation which concluded this could only have been done by a government." Napolitano also said the reporting was "filled with such detail and substantiation, it is profoundly credible."

"How Biden and company get out of this is beyond me," he added. "It's so typical of government's heavy hand of meddling in areas where it shouldn't meddle, it has the opposite effect from the stated purpose."

Two both noted how the mainstream media was not covering the news of the pipeline and Posobiec noted they only repeat "a sort of almost propaganda narrative that promotes the death of these innocent people" in Ukraine

Napolitano said, "I am surprised that some of my former colleagues for mouthing the so-called party line rather than taking a look at things, particularly now as it becomes so obvious, so obvious, that Ukraine cannot win this war."

"How Joe Biden gets out of this without boots on the ground, which of course would be catastrophic and immensely unpopular and profoundly unconstitutional, how he gets out of this without boots on the ground, I don't know," Napolitano added.


Image: Title: PosoNapolitano