It’s Time For A Truly Censorship-Free Search Engine

Let’s face it: Big Tech censorship is one of the most significant issues in the United States today.

Due to the internet and smartphones, so much of our public discourse and day-to-day life takes place online, and much of it occurs within the confines of just a few giant tech companies’ sandboxes.

Silicon Valley companies use this power over us to control what we see, what we read, and what we say. This has real-world effects on our public life; just imagine, how differently the 2020 election may have gone if not for rampant online censorship.

Perhaps the most significant example of this is Google’s censorship of search results.

Google’s search engine is a master manipulator of results, and because of its ubiquitous use, the effects of this meddling tremendously influence our political and social landscape. It even affects our children, as Google is widely used in schools.

Moreover, because it doesn’t involve visibly removing or fact-checking content like on social media platforms, Google’s censorship is subliminal and undetectable to a normal user.

This routine political bias directly targets conservative media. Conservative publisher Breitbart News has been consistently blacklisted by Google’s search results. Internal emails have exposed Google executives discussing manipulating search results. Google also banned President Donald Trump from posting to YouTube, and just this year, started censoring pro-lifers.

Make no mistake about it: Google is an enemy of free speech.

There are, of course, other search engines on the internet. For example, many conservatives have touted DuckDuckGo as a good alternative to Google - a search engine that supposedly doesn’t censor or manipulate its results.

But how different is DuckDuckGo from Google?

Well, their CEO has already admitted to manipulating its search function to push so-called “disinformation” down in the results. And a look at DuckDuckGo's search tabs also shows that conservative outlets such as the Daily Caller, Breitbart, and Newsmax have been completely banned in favor of liberal outlets.

The truth is, DuckDuckGo is hardly better than Google when it comes to political censorship.

It’s time for a real alternative. That’s why I’m launching TUSK Search, a search engine that puts free speech first.

I’m raising funds for a new search engine that all Americans can use and know that it’s free of censorship. There has previously been no real solution for everyday people to utilize to get transparent search results without manipulation - that changes now.

TUSK is already functional as a web browser for both mobile and desktop, and now I’m excited to build a whole new search engine where conservatives can get real news and information, not carefully curated left-wing narratives.

If conservatives are to win the information wars, it is imperative that we break free from abusive tech companies like Google and forge new options in the market. We strongly believe that the market is truly hungry for this product. Other alternative tech companies like Rumble, TruthSocial, and Gettr have experienced success by building platforms outside of the Silicon Valley panopticon, and we hope to succeed in that world with TUSK Browser and Search.

100 million people around the U.S. are being censored and lied to every day, and that must change. TUSK Search is built by conservatives, for conservatives, and we’re confident that it will be pivotal in the fight against Big Tech in America.

Our freedom and the future of free speech depend on breaking out of the woke big tech silo. Join me and help build TUSK Search, before our rights are lost for good.

Jeffrey Bermant is the co-founder and CEO of TUSK.

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