Donald Trump Jr. to Launch Exclusive Rumble Podcast, Signed 7-Figure Deal

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Donald Trump Jr. is coming to Rumble with a new podcast called "Triggered with Don Jr." The deal with Rumble is exclusive, and the show will air twice per week. It begins the week of January 23, and the title is a take-off on his 2019 book. Trump Jr. reportedly signed a multi-year, 7-figure deal.

Trump Jr. has been on Rumble since 2021, and puts out videos for his more than 1 million subscribers, making this deal a natural fit for one of the platform's largest users. While his current videos are primarily solo rants about current events, Trump Jr. intends to bring guests on, as well.

"While other Big Tech companies are focused on censoring dissent, Rumble is building a platform that welcomes it, which is why so many content creators — all over the political spectrum — are now joining them," Trump Jr. told Axios.

Rumble, based in Toronto, Ont., has made a splash in the streaming space since going public in December 2021, and has become a rival to the censorious YouTube platform. Rumble has about 71 million active users around the world, with 57 million of those based in Canada and the US.

"Due to the live nature of Don's podcast and others like it on our platform, I view our podcasts as something that won't just compete with other podcasting networks," Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said, "but will also compete with traditional linear television in the longterm."

Trump Jr. joins Russell Brand, who streams "Stay Free with Russell Brand" exclusively on the platform, along with shows from Glenn Greenwald, and UFC President Dana White.

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