WHO Declares Unvaccinated 'Major Killing Force,' Deadlier Than 'Global Terrorism'

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared those who have refused to take the controversial COVID vaccine a “major killing force globally” as part of a new campaign being launched across social media. 

The video accuses those warning of the dangers of the COVID vaccine of displaying “anti-science aggression." It features pediatrician Dr. Peter Hotez lamenting the “devastating impact of misinformation and disinformation” regarding the COVID vaccines.

Hotez goes on to make several unsubstantiated claims that “anti-vaccine activism” is more deadly than terrorism, gun violence, and other heinous crimes. 

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Hotez took issue with Joe Biden's recent claim that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic "is over," describing it as the "wrong message to give" at a time they are trying to encourage people to take another booster.

"We’re still in 200-300 deaths per day," Hotez complained. "[COVID-19] is still the third or fourth leading cause of death in the United States. It’s definitely the wrong message to give, given the fact that we’re desperately trying to persuade the American people to take this booster.”


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