Posobiec at AMFEST: America Facing a 'Fifth-Generational Conflict'

On Tuesday, Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec took to the stage at AmericaFest in Phoenix, Arizona to deliver a message of hope to the hundreds of conservatives in attendance.

He called on his fellow patriots to stand up against the woke left and fight for the America they believe in.

"I come here before you with a message," Posobiec began. "It is Christmas time, and we are saying Merry Christmas again."

"I'm a Christian, but I'm done turning the other cheek," he continued. "Now is the time for action! Now is the time for victory! Now is the time to take back our country, and we're doing it."

Posobiec declared that "we are at war," explaining that rather than fighting in a war of sword and shield, America is engrossed in "a fifth generation conflict of tweets, of memes, of narratives, of information; a psychological war."

He went on to describe the actions of government, elites, and the media during the Covid-19 pandemic as "the most evasive, high level, mass formation psychological operation that's ever been seen in Western history."

"That," he explained, was "the push to make you stay at home, to take a vaccine that was not fully tested, and rushed."

"Dr. Birx admitted in her book that they ratcheted up the punishments to ensure compliance," Posobiec continued. "Let me tell you something right now; I do not comply. We do not comply."

He then turned his attention to Twitter, applauding Elon Musk for restoring "power" to conservatives on the platform. "He's given us our voice back, to tell the truth, and to proclaim the glory of almighty god, and you better believe I'm gonna use that!"

"He didn't just buy a social media platform … he bought a crime scene, and as we're looking through the Twitter Files, we need to understand that what we see there is a roadmap into an intelligence operation that was run by the domestic security state on you, on me, on our families, and on our election."

Posobiec went so far as to suggest that the actions of the US government and former regime at Twitter "amounts to no less than a silent coup of the sitting president of the United States," and vowed to "launch an inquisition" on other social media companies and the myriad of government agencies with whom they were allegedly in cahoots.

Shifting his attention to social issues, Posobiec took aim at the far-left and their crusade to indoctrinate and confuse children with gender ideology.

Posobiec then asked his four-year-old son, also named Jack, whether he thought a boy could become a girl, and vice versa. "NO!" he declared, earning a round of applause from the crowd.

"If you think I am going to let these people get my children, you're gonna have to do it over my dead body," he added. "It's never gonna happen."

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