Roger Stone's Twitter Account Reinstated Under Elon Musk

Political consultant and Trump ally Roger Stone announced on Wednesday that his personal Twitter account had been reinstated.

Stone had been suspended from the platform in 2017 after taking aim at CNN anchor Don Lemon in a series of tweets, at one point calling him "dumber than dog sh*t."

"I have just been informed that my personal Twitter account has been reinstated," Stone tweeted, adding, "I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK."

He went into further detail on his show, the Stone ZONE.

"My thanks go out to Elon Musk who is a man of his word," Stone said, adding that due to the reversal of his suspension, among others such as Trump's, he now firmly believed that the billionaire was "committed to free speech."

"I'm grateful to be back on Twitter," Stone continued, adding, "you really don't appreciate free speech rights until they are taken away from you."

While he is now back on Twitter, Stone's ban from facebook remains. However he argued that it was the result of "entirely false allegations" suggesting that he had been running hundreds of fake profiles.

Twitter explained at the time that Stone had been suspended for violating the site's "Abusive Behavior policy" 

During Wednesday's show, Stone addressed the tweets leveled against Don Lemon, and asked that they be seen as remnants of the past.

"I'm sure people can recognize that that was many years ago," Stone said. "I'm a different person today." He went on to explain that he had been "redeemed in the blood of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ" and as a result had reformed his behavior.

"I'm certain when I go back and look there are things that I said that I will regret," he stated, "but as President Richard Nixon said, 'Never look backwards, always look forward,' and that's what I intend to do."

He later tweeted a message of thanks to Elon Musk, and Jesus, commending once again the latter's "commitment to fairness and free speech."

Roger Stone


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