The Four Things Republicans Need to Do to Win in 2024

The midterm elections were not an unmitigated disaster for Republicans or conservatives like the main-stream media says.

The GOP has apparently won the House – barely. They did not win the Senate.

The GOP, however, hasn’t won the public relations offensive in the aftermath as the Democrats have been able to declare victory. And in a way, they are right: that the anticipated Red Wave did not occur is cause not just for saturnine concern but for an agonizing reappraisal of what is needed. How much misery and incompetent government can America endure before demanding a sea change in the political arena?

Apparently, there were not enough voters who recognized that America is teetering on the brink of disaster and that merely stopping the Democratic Party at this point is not enough. It must be pushed back.


The Congress needed not just Republican control but principled conservative control. Those GOP representatives who supported President Joe Biden’s infrastructure and inflation acts, the metamorphosis of what is actually the Green New Deal, should not pride themselves on bipartisanship; they should be ashamed of being two-faced Republicans who are defying the wishes of their electors.

The status quo, as represented by establishment Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), will do about as much real good for America as his Democratic friends across the aisle.

It must declare the Republican In Name Only – the RINO – first an endangered and then an extinct political species.

The GOP must seize victory or risk losing in the presidential election of 2024.

Clearly President Joe Biden believes the Democrats won the midterms even though the margins are very tight and polling shows that 75% of Americans think the country is heading in the wrong direction. Biden has said he had no plans to change anything in his legislative agenda.

Biden claims, “the more they find out what we are doing the more support there is,” referring to all the spending he has done, pushing inflation higher and higher.

 To dispel any mystery about rising oil and gas prices, a few days before the election Biden came outright and said , “No more drilling.” Then he repeated again, “There is no more drilling.” And then said it a third time, just to make sure it is understood, “I haven’t formed any new drilling.”

Biden is serious about banning fossil fuels and transitioning to a new Dark Ages of the Green new Deal. He has eviscerated energy independence and wants to destroy the fossil fuel and mining industries. He sold a portion of American’s strategic energy reserve to China.

It is time for principled conservatives and Republicans who really believe they have a party and a country worth saving to demand a Great Reset. The World Economic Forum (WEF) said the COVID-19 pandemic offered them and fellow traveler governments around the world the opportunity to increase the serfdom of citizens to the state through woke policies that imagine a Green Energy nirvana but will ultimately lead to an elite class of patricians living in luxury and the rest of the world living in caves and eating insects. The WEF has its followers and there is no greater acolyte of this organization and its aim of promoting and enforcing green socialism throughout the globe than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is often reading the WEF’s talking points and promulgating its toxic legislative agenda.

Republicans must push back in these four culture war areas to win in 2024.

These are the areas where the Democrats are weak. It is the Dmeocrats’ Achilles heel with average voters. This is being proven again and again, in Virgina gubernatorial race last year, with Gov. Ron DeSantis Florida Red Wave, and the electoral flipping from Democrat to Republican in House races in the states of New York and California. This is where a political realignment has taken place because of voter push back on these key culture war areas.

1.  Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Conservatives need to work quickly to eliminate Critical Race Theory (CRT) from the public schools and the military. Quite simply, it is toxic to the way America thinks and works. America was not founded on a belief in a caste system that impounds some people as the oppressed and others as the oppressors. One may argue that slavery perpetuated such a consciousness, but slavery was always diametrically opposed to the principles and values espoused by the preamble to the Constitution.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States …”

Slavery was the exception to the rule and the inevitability of its destruction was preordained by the Founding Fathers.

Instead of teaching freedom to our children, the public schools have decided to indoctrinate them into a system that is just as noxious and equally as racist as slavery. CRT is dividing the nation into the haves and have nots – based entirely on race – and is burdening one segment of the population with guilt that cannot be forgiven and others with victimhood.

CRT has also become standard curriculum in the military, as have its offshoots of white privilege and the belief that race defines Americans more than ability or character. While America is forcing its military to assiduously seek white supremacists under the bed, it is becoming increasingly redundant as a global power. While it is focused on “systemic” racism, it is losing its raison d’etre as a combat capable instrument of defending America at home and American interests abroad. American power around the world is diminishing and the ability to defend the nation from overt military threats like China is waning.

2.  Crime

Urban crime in the United States has reached critical mass. This is not just because Democratic cities have initiated asinine defund the police programs but because George-Soros backed district attorneys are exercising a reign of terror by refusing to prosecute criminals and redefining crime so that lawlessness has become an acceptable and normalized reflex of the dispossessed in society. Societies that legitimize crime cannot long survive.

Alongside the crime is the drug epidemic. Fentanyl might well be Public Enemy Number One. America has become a nation of people trying to escape from the reality their political masters have given them.

It must stop trying to escape but to transform.

We are losing lives every day to drug addiction; we must start saving those lives and, in so doing, save America itself.


3.  Gender War

If a very vocal minority refuses to recognize the biological reality of gender, this cannot dominate our education system and medical institutions. Gender dysphoria fantasies should not be pushed on children through social media and in schools. The normalization of sexualizing children through drag shows in churches and coffee shops is a bizarre turn of events.

To not expose what is happening on this front leaves children prey of big pharma with puberty blocker campaigns and allowing them to become medical monetization tools with surgeries that are removing the futures of children by removing their sexual organs before the age of consent. The fact that the numbers taking puberty blockers and having surgeries have been ramping up so significantly is something that needs to continue to be exposed as the truth about what is happening is shocking and the mothers and fathers who are not happy with the school boards promoting CRT are also not in favor of this being in the classroom.

4.  Border

America has lost its sovereignty. By reversing former President Trump’s effective border policies, Joe Biden has declared the southern border to be open, allowing in hundreds of thousands of illegals who have entered the United States. The Biden administration has responded not with deportation but by moving these non-citizens around the United States.

Though it is apparent that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas has failed America, he has effectively executed this policy and blithely pretended he is not responsible for a crisis at the border. Mayorkas is correct.

It is not a crisis; it is a catastrophe.

Mayorkas has only added hypocrisy and injustice to incompetence by demanding the Customs and Border Patrol chief Chris Magnus resign or be fired . A Republican controlled House must immediately demand coherent answers from Mayorkas. It could attempt to impeach him, but Biden will only appoint and equally pliant and inept DHS secretary in his place.


There is much work to do.

RINOs should not just be politically sidelined, in the House they need to be effectively made extinct. Only then will Republicans be able to define their objectives, plan their goals and acknowledge that half-measures and sleazy backroom deals, concessions on the culture war, constituting business as usual that will ensure a perpetuation of America’s misery index. RINO extinction will open a new path to a 2024 presidential win.

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