WATCH: Musk's Twitter Exec Firings Show He Is 'Standing Up for the American People,' MAGA Hulk Tells Posobiec

On Friday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec and TPUSA contributor "MAGA Hulk" covered Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter and violent far-left activists shutting down a conservative campus event.

Posobiec began by playing a clip of former Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde, who Musk canned on Friday on his first day acting as the social media company's new owner. According to Business Insider, it was Gadde who led the team that ultimately decided to permanently suspend former president Donald Trump from the platform on January 8, 2021 for "inciting violence."

"We have our policies that are meant to protect people. And they're meant to enable for expression as long as you're not trying to silence somebody else," Gadde said at the time on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. "Now, we take a variety of different enforcement mechanisms around that. Sometimes you get warned, sometimes your tweet is forced to be deleted. It's a very rare occasion where we will outright suspend someone without any sort of warning."

"So, that was a lie," Posobiec said. "That was Vijaya Gadde and Tim Pool about three years ago, going back and forth on the Joe Rogan program where she lied, just lied straight to his face and lied to everybody who's a user of the program, lied to everybody who potentially was interested, obviously investors… Elon Musk has fired her. She was escorted out of the building." 

According to Posobiec, the firings of Gadde along with CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal are just the beginning. On Friday, Bloomberg reported that Musk is having his engineers over at Tesla meet with Twitter's product leaders. The Human Events Daily host says this is the "big piece."

"He has fired all of these people, and the big piece that's coming forward now, according to Bloomberg, [is that] Elon Musk has brought over his digital engineers from Tesla, because he wants them to crack open the code and start looking at it internally," Posobiec said. 

"He also ordered them to freeze any changes to the Twitter code as of 24 hours ago, what does this mean? That means that when his guys start looking at this thing, they'll be able to tell Elon everything that was going on under the hood. Ladies and gentlemen, Neo has entered the matrix," he continued, referencing the hit sci-fi movie franchise where the protagonist breaks out of technological mind-control.

Posobiec then asked MAGA Hulk, aka Stephen Davis, if proponents of free speech could actually trust Musk.

"You know, I'm a big fan of seeing people, watching what they do, and based on what it that they're doing, based on their actions, then we can go ahead and trust them," Davis began. "Obviously, he put his money all the way where his mouth was. He's trying to shake it up right now… and the fact that he's already fired all these different bad actors who were suppressing free speech... the very fact that he's able to stand up and for the American people, he's not standing up for the right. He's not standing up for the left. He's standing up for the American people. He's standing up for free speech. I think this man should be trusted, considering the fact that he is putting considerable resources into figuring out… and like you said, what's going on under the hood when it comes to Twitter."

Davis, who was scheduled to speak Tuesday at a TPUSA event at the University of California, Davis, was unable to give his speech after a fight between about 100 protesters and counterprotesters broke out near the venue, as reported by CBS News.

Posobiec played video from the event, showing a distraught young woman who had been pepper-sprayed and had her phone broken by far-left extremists.

"They broke my property… they don't even know I'm a conservative!" she said to the camera.

Responding to the clip, Davis said "Unreal. It's absolutely unreal."

"I went to the school and people were already out there doing their chants, and I tried to engage with them. I told them – because they were hurling all types of obscenities and things of this nature – and I said, 'Is this any way to uplift black voices? Because this is something that you constantly say that you do.' And they continued to call me a fascist," Davis recalled of the out-of-control night.

While mainstream media reported that right-wing Proud Boys instigated the conflict, the TPUSA influencer said that the commotion started with Antifa before Proud Boys even arrived.

"And then I started walking away, and that's when they started running up and causing a commotion... So this was long before the quote-unquote 'Proud Boys' stepped onto the scene. But these people are already violent. These people are already causing a commotion and trying to be a disruption and threatening… unfortunately, due to their action, the event was shut down then we were escorted out by police," Davis said.

According to MAGA Hulk, the leftists were using random items as weapons against conservatives, including umbrellas, satchels, and barricades. Speaking of the young woman in the video who was also targeted by Antifa activists, Davis said that she was violently attacked because she refused to tell them who she was.

"…they asked her who she was… as if they were the police themselves. And when she didn't respond… they proceeded to start macing her and started attacking her. And this is the vicious left, this is the vicious radical left that we're talking about, who always want to suppress free speech… We have to stand up against this type of foolishness," Davis said, denouncing the attack.

Despite the scary situation at UC Davis, the Hulk won't be stopped.

"The message will not be stopped. Although we stopped at that one place, it will not be stopped all over," he said.

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