GORKA: Where Are the Real Men?

When somebody uses the word “fascist,” what does that conjure up in your mind? What is the imagery that comes to mind? Is it ominous speeches? Red-tinted rallies? That’s what happened recently outside of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where Joe Biden, who sadly bears the title of President, labeled half of America the enemy. Called those who support President Trump and the America First agenda, a “clear and present danger to our democracy.” If you believe America is good, or that it should be great again, you are the problem. 

I spent last weekend in New York for the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks . What does my time with the brave members of the FDNY and the survivors of 9/11 have to do with Biden’s red-tinted speech in front of Independence Hall? Everything. 

I have spent the last 18 years working with the bravest Americans, members of our armed services, a path that led me eventually to serve the President in the White House as his Strategist, to be deputy to a man who shared my belief that our nation, and our civilization, needs dangerous men, needs warfighters to stand on the wall and to protect the rest of us. Without American warriors, the world is a very, very dangerous place.

But it is not enough to just recognize those who serve America in uniform, be they our warfighters, or the brave firefighters and police officers of 9/11. We all have a duty to fight, in our own way. Remember the heroes of Flight 93? Not Green Berets, not SEAL Team members, but the ultimate warriors. Why? Because they were the purest of Christians. What are we taught as Christians? There is no love greater than a man who’ll lay down his life for a fellow man. When those passengers realized what was happening onboard Flight 93, they realized that their plane was going to be used as a weapon of mass destruction as well. They banded together. They improvised weapons. They used one of the refreshment carts, a fire extinguisher, and with the words of one of those passengers, Todd Beamer, shouting “Let’s roll!” they took back control of that plane, and they saved hundreds, maybe thousands of lives. That was 21 years ago. My question is: Does that America still exist?


If you look at the last 2 years, the evidence is scant. And what evidence there is of brave America is very lacking, is very disturbing. When China unleashed a virus across the globe, what did we do here in America? We were told to shut down our businesses, the things that helped us to feed our families, close the schools that our children went to. What did we do when we were told to do that? We complied.

Here and there an American acted like a true American. One restaurant owner in California said, ‘No, sorry Governor Newsom, I’m not shutting down my way of living and how my employees feed themselves.’ There was one gym owner in New Jersey who, despite the daily fines from the state and the health administration, said ‘I’m not shutting down my business.’ And then there are my friends Kevin and Krista at the Kevista Coffee Shop in Bend, Oregon , who said ‘Hey, you can wear a mask, you can get vaccinated, whatever…but we’re not closing down our store. This is a community service, you want to come in here and have coffee? We’re gonna stay open.’ They said no.

What did everyone else do in America? What did they do? They surrendered. They surrendered their liberty to Fauci. Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat, who had helped to fund the Chinese biolab in Wuhan . But it’s not just Fauci. But it’s not just COVID.

Biden’s fascistic speech - for it is a fascistic speech - that fascist speech in front of the birthplace of our Founding documents is the marker. It’s the Rubicon. Because they mean it. Biden and his puppet masters mean it. You are the threat . To their power. 

Whether it’s their use of the FBI to target innocent parents who just want their children to go back to school, using counter-terrorist Patriot Act tools against innocent Americans. Or whether it’s the doubling of the IRS, with 87,000 new agents, who you know won’t be auditing Democrats like Hunter Biden. Or, they’re targeting anyone who dared to work for a campaign that was America First, or an Administration like the one I worked in, that dared to believe that it’s time to Make America Great Again. And even friends of President Trump, like Mike Lindell. 

They know no limits. If you’re the 16-year-old son of the man that 74 million people voted for, you’re the enemy as well. They weren’t satisfied rooting through Melania’s underwear drawer. The FBI did it to President Trump’s 16-year-old son’s bedroom! What would you do, if your child’s bedroom, your wife’s wardrobe was rifled through by armed goons?

Twenty-one years ago, the threat was jihadis armed with boxcutters and mace. Today, it’s one of America’s two political parties; it’s the Democrat Party and their henchmen in the federal government. Where are the real men, who will stand up to those who wish to destroy America from the inside? Where are the real men? Ask the parents and the loved ones of those massacred in Uvalde, as the local police stood there for over an hour and did nothing.

Todd Beamer on Flight 93 said, ‘not on my watch.’ He rallied his fellow Americans with the war cry “Let’s Roll!” and gave the ultimate and final measure of devotion to save others. Will you do a fraction of what he did? Will you get politically involved to take back America from those who hate it, like the jihadis did? Can we honor the memory of those we lost 21 years ago, by doing much less to salvage the greatest nation on earth from our own homegrown fascists?  


Sebastian Gorka Ph.D. is host of SALEM Radio’s America First daily show and The Gorka Reality Check on Newsmax. He served as Strategist to President Trump and is the author of The War for America’s Soul.  wwwSebGorka.com  


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