BREAKING: Charlie Kirk and Wife Erika Announce Birth of First Child

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  • 08/29/2022

Charlie Kirk was back on air with The Charlie Kirk Show on Monday morning after a week off, with a major announcement. He and his wife Erika had their first child last week, a daughter. The Kirk's had not been public about the pregnancy, and Kirk said that it had been difficult to not share the good news sooner.

"Well, I'm back," Kirk told viewers. "Thank you guys for watching last week, we deeply appreciate it as always. Jack Posobiec did an amazing job of filling in."

"I'm going to tell you why I was off last week. I know a lot of different people were messaging us, and we appreciate your support of the show," he thanked viewers, before saying "Last last week was a week that changed my life."

"In a world where everything is put on social media, where everything is constantly being posted and being talked about, we made a decision—my wife and I—to keep one thing rather private. And I'll tell you it was not easy. This was one of the more difficult things I think I've ever had to do. Not just keep it private and keep it something secret but also just kind of go through the process of all of that. Outside of some close family and friends, my wife Erica and I, we decided not to tell the world that she was pregnant," he said.

His reasons were not only for security and family privacy, but because for the Kirks, not everything in life has to be shared on social media to mark significance.

"And we did that for a variety of reasons, some being security, and also just being that it's not about social media. It's not about the millions of people that might talk about it to get likes and to get shares and all of that," he said. This was an experience they wanted to be keep for themselves, without constant pings and notifications.

"Last week, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world," he said.

"I can tell you, I mean many of you are in the audience are parents and grandparents. Everyone who says it's life changing: exactly," Kirk recounted.

"It's beyond the transformation. When you look down in your arms and you see your child all of a sudden, everything that you're fighting for everything that you care about," he gushed with the pride of a new father.

"Everything that you are pushing forward gets into absolute clarity almost instantaneously and immediately puts the entire fight of what we're doing here," he said, "on the Charlie Kirk show and at Turning Point USA in an entirely new perspective.

"And it was without a doubt the most transformational moment of my life. And boy does it make you want to defeat the bad guys more than ever, and to continue to fight for what is beautiful and what is good and what is true," Kirk said.

"There was something so special about in a world where almost everything I do is public: 'what is Charlie wearing? What is Charlie saying? What is Charlie doing?' That there's one element of our life we were able to kind of keep private and it's not private anymore," he said.

Kirk praised his wife, and beamed with happiness about the new addition to their family.

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