WEBB: The American Middle Class Feels ‘Unsettled’ and Is ‘Getting Pretty Angry Too’

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  • 09/21/2022

In a recent appearance on the Flyover Conservatives Podcast, Human Events Media Group Publisher Jeff Webb discussed the need for America to move away from the modern focus on division and differences, and warned of an "unsettled" American middle class that feels as if it is being "discriminated against."

"I think they're discouraged. I think there's a lot of anxiety from a security standpoint for the welfare of their family and future for their children. But I think they're getting pretty angry too. I think that every time they look up, there's something that keeps knocking them down. They think they're being discriminated against."

"They're scared of this new bill, and what's happening with these 80,00-0+ IRS agents," he added.

"I think they're very unsettled, for lack of a better term."

Webb warned that if Americans' negativity toward their own country is "not turned around," that the "kind of country we're living in will not survive."

He cited the recent reports that a new Minnesota teacher's union contract will have white teachers laid off first, suggesting that the country has gotten to its current state by way of numerous similar "beesting" instances.

"We just keep going, keep going. Then all of a sudden we look up and we have this massive problem."

"But I think you have so many people that are making a living out of pointing out the differences we have with our fellow citizens. Whether it's race, whatever it is. And that has to be addressed. And there has to be a voice coming forward, which we are all trying to do, which says, we are all equal. Yes...have we been perfect? No. Have there been people who have been disadvantaged? Yes. Have we tried to address that? Yes. Is it a lot better than it used to be? Yes. "

"But if we just dwell on why we are different, and we actually accentuate that through discrimination of any kind, we are headed in the wrong direction," Webb added.






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