POSOBIEC: Milley’s Drafted Resignation Letter Reads Like Teenage Girl’s Tumblr Post

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  • 03/02/2023

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec read an excerpt from the drafted resignation letter of US General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he mocked the general’s lachrymose tone and overall poor quality. 

Posobiec’s criticism of on Milley during the latest episode of his show aligns with a piece he co-authored with Post Millennial Editor in Chief Libby Emmons, which he references during his rant. 



“Well, General Milley, this is a story that was flying under the radar this week but I wanted to pick it up,” Posobiec began, “… do you remember all the way back when he was so upset that President Trump would place the security of the White House and the protection of the White House grounds at such a high priority that he would use federal troops to go forward and clear out the people that were setting fire to the White House and historic St John's church on May 29, 2020.”

“Then Milley came out, and apologized for walking out with the president for actually ordering law and order in our nation's capital.”

“At the time, when, keep in mind, the secret service had to bring the president all the way down to the bunker because they were worried something might happen. Milley apologizes to BLM, but what we also found out now, is that General Milley at the time penned, I kid you not, an emotional resignation letter because he was so triggered by the crackdown on BLM and the Antifa rioters that were setting fire to the White House grounds, " Posobiec said.



“This thing, and we have the entire thing up, go read, it's a story by myself and Libby Emmons at The Post Millennial. This thing reads like an emotional Tumblr letter that was written by some kind of teenage girl. It's like something that you'd find in one of Libs of TikTok's exposes,” said Posobiec.

Posobiec began reading from the letter in an weepy voice: "I regret to inform you that I intend to resign as your Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Thank you for the honor of appointing me as a senior ranking officer. The events of the last couple of weeks have caused me to do deep soul-searching, and I can no longer faithfully support and execute your orders as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is my belief that you were doing great and irreparable harm to my country. I believe that you have made a concerted effort over time to politicize the United States military. I thought that I could change that. I’ve come to the realization that I cannot, and I need to step aside and let someone else try to do that." 

"You are using the military to create fear in the minds of the people—and we are trying to protect the American people. I cannot stand idly by and participate in that attack, verbally or otherwise, on the American people. The American people trust their military," it continues.

“This is the best part,” said Posobiec:  “it is my deeply held belief that you’re ruining the international order, and causing significant damage to our country overseas, that was fought for so hard by the Greatest Generation that they instituted in 1945. Between 1914 and 1945, 150 million people were slaughtered in the conduct of war. They were slaughtered because of tyrannies and dictatorships. That generation, like every generation, has fought against that, has fought against fascism, has fought against Nazism, has fought against extremism. It’s now obvious to me that you don’t understand that world order. You don’t understand what the war was all about. In fact, you subscribe to many of the principles that we fought against. And I cannot be a party to that. It is with deep regret that I hereby submit my letter of resignation."

"Our country is run by emotionally unstable middle-aged white men!” Posobiec said. “These people are deranged eunuchs. This is the type of mentality that you get from reading books from the current events section at Barnes and Nobel and then binging too many history channel documentaries. This guy went to Columbia and Princeton, and what is his writing level? Eighth grade? Seventh grade? Maybe? I don't know."

“When you look at the fact that our ships are burning down at the peer, that we can't even win a war in Afghanistan for twenty years. If you got people—children that are in uniform, members of your family in uniform. You need to demand change and demand that Milley step down immediately.”


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