Beyonce Self-Censors New Album After Mob Scolds Her for ‘Ableist’ Lyric

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  • 03/02/2023

This article was originally published at The Post Millennial, a part of the Human Events Media Group.


Beyonce's song "Heated" on her new album "Renaissance" is being retroactively changed after she was accused of using an "ableist slur." The renowned pop star was referred to by he Atlantic in 2013 referred to as "genius."

The full verse from Beyonce goes: "Yada, yada, yah, yada, yada, yah-yah - Yada, yada, bom-bom, kah-kah - Spazzing on that a**, spaz on that a**." According to CNN, the singer has announced she will change the word "spaz" after facing harsh backlash on social media and criticism from "disability campaigners."

The ctivist group Scope took to Twitter and said, "Here we are again. Not long after ableist language from Lizzo, Beyonce's new album features an ableist slur not once, but twice. Disabled people's experiences are not fodder for song lyrics. This must stop."

Columnist Francis Ryan wrote, "It’s very hard to believe neither Beyonce nor anyone in her team didn’t recognise the ableist slur when Lizzo very publicly made the same mistake a month ago (and graciously corrected it). Exhausting."

Disabled activist Rachel Charlton-Dailey praised the change and tweeted, "Great to hear the Beyonce will be removing the ableist slur from her song and album."

Former White House intern Monika Lewinsky, who lists her pronouns as "she/her" tweeted, "uhmm, while we’re at it… #Partition Beyonce to Remove Renaissance Lyric After Outrage: Ableist, Offensive - Variety."

In June, colossal rapper Lizzo, had to change her chart-topping song, "Grrls," for using the same word.

The most offensive part of Lizzo's verse, "Hold my bag, B*tch, Hold my bag. Do you see this sh*t? I'm a spazz. I'm about to knock somebody out," was the word "spaz" which NBC reported as "like the 'r' slur" and "rooted in ableism."

Writing for the Guardian, Hannah Diviney said, "When Beyonce dropped the same ableist slur as Lizzo on her new album, my heart sank." Rolling Stone wrote, "Beyonce faced an uproar over her use of the word "spaz" in a new song."

As CNN reports, the word "spaz" is typically used to describe "freaking out." But critics say it originates with the word "spastic" which they also say is offensive, specifically  to people with cerebral palsy.

Other lyrics in "Heated" include, "Make a pretty girl talk that sh*tty.. Dimples on my hip, stretch marks on my t*ts…Monday, I'm overrated, Tuesday, on my d*ck. Flip-flop, flippy, flip-floppin'-a** bitch."

"Heated" was co-written by performer Drake and Merriam-Webster defines "spaz" simply as "one who is inept."

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