POSOBIEC: The US Is in Decline Under the Biden Regime

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  • 03/02/2023

Human Events Daily’s Jack Posobiec broke down the upcoming Taiwan visit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has planned, and the international turmoil that it has caused between China and the US. Pelosi, who has announced her intentions of visiting Taiwan, has been threatened with aggression by Chinese state media, which suggested her plane should be shot down if she makes the trip.

After the international incident, President Joe Biden took a call with CCP President Xi Xinping. The contents of that call, as revealed by the White House, “was substantive, it was in-depth, and it was candid.” They discussed climate change, the international drug trade, the war in Ukraine, and Taiwan. 

It was the part of the call concerning Taiwan that appeared to be the impetus for the call at all. While the White House characterized the call as relatively congenial, with a note about the two nations having differences over the status of Taiwan, reporters were most interested to know Biden’s reaction to Xi’s fiery words.

“According to China’s state news agency,” a reporter asked. “President Xi told President Biden that ‘Public opinion shall not be violated. And if you play with fire, you get burned. Hope the U.S. side can see this clearly.’ Could you just give us the U.S.’s version of this portion of the call?  Was it clear that this was specifically about Taiwan?  Was it perceived by the U.S. as a direct threat?  And what is the potential retaliation from Beijing that the U.S. is most worried about at this point?”

The White House responded that it wasn’t the first time that Xi had spoken this way to Biden, and that he’d previously done so in November. The White House emphasized, as well, that any trip to Taiwan taken by the House Speaker would be “her decision.”

“So Xi Jinping hops on the phone with President Biden and he told him his business. This is straight gangster, right? I'm gonna say it right now,” Posobiec began.

“How else would you call this? When this guy gets on the phone with the President of the United States, and tells him what his business is? Could you imagine that happening under Reagan? Could you imagine this happening under President Trump? Any of these people? No, of course not. Because those were presidents who had strength. And those are presidents under which America was strong. And you didn't talk to the leader of the free world that way,” Posobiec said.

Posobiec, who lived in China and speaks Mandarin, said that Xi’s behavior, in terms of Chinese culture, “was the emperor speaking to a vassal,” it was “the emperor saying ‘you will pay me homage or bend the knee and kowtow immediately or you will be rendered asunder. If we want to take Taiwan, we're going to take Taiwan and there isn't anything you can do about it.’” 

He decried the current state of the US military, in which he served, saying that “we’ve got ships crashing into each other. We’ve got planes falling off of aircraft carriers. We’ve got ships burning down at the pier because sailors don't know how to put out the fire.”

Posobiec said these are “all solvable” problems, if only we had an administration willing to tackle them. Instead, the US has been pushing new policies for transgender troops, firing servicemen and women who don’t get Covid vaccines, and going to bat instead for gay orgy Monkeypox parties, saying that mitigation measures are homophobic.

“That's what's going on in our military. That's what's going on in our country. And that's why Chairman Xi Jinping doesn't care,” Posobiec said. “He doesn't care, he's not threatened. He thinks the United States— look we're gonna tell you something right now.”

“I'm just gonna say the United States under this regime is weak,” he continued. 

“The United States under this regime is in decline. We just hit a recession. Two quarters, negative growth: recession. Inflation through the roof. Gas prices are crazy. And they're supposed to say, ‘oh, it's down a quarter. We should be happy.’ No. It used to be $2 lower,” he said.

“We have this thing called American energy dominance on the world stage. But you got rid of that over some green technology crap that you were trying to push this green New Deal,” he said. 

“You give the CCP a pass on that. And you know what? You deserve it. Because people like President Biden and the people around him: they sold our country out to the CCP decades ago. This has been in the works for a long, long time. And the CCP understood this.”

Posobiec said further that it was Biden, along with his cronies on Wall Street, in the US Chamber of Congress, that essentially “sold the CCP the rope” the hang the US with, and now the CCP is using it to tighten the noose.

The CCP is tightening it around the South China Sea, he said, with plans to tighten it around the Straits,” as well as “around Taiwan” and “maritime shipping lanes.” China, he said, will use their power, in the face of US weakness, to tighten their grip on the region, on the Muslim Uyghur minority, and “there isn't a darn thing the President Biden or this White House for Nancy Pelosi is going to do about it.”


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