POSOBIEC: Big Pharma Will Love Biden’s Plan for Mail-In Abortions

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  • 03/02/2023

Human Events Daily’s Jack Posobiec took aim on Thursday at the Biden administration’s latest plan to make abortion legal at the federal level, despite the intentions of states to control their own laws surrounding the controversial practice, and the failure of Congress to act to nationally regulate it.

Catholic President Joe Biden, a staunch supporter of abortion, intends to roll out a plan that would enable women to get abortion pills regardless of whether or not abortion is legal in their states. These pills would be deliverable by mail, even in states that have prohibited the practice past a certain gestation threshold. The president has stated his intention to facilitate abortion even in states that have expressly and, within their legal rights, placed limits or outright banned abortion.

“The Biden administration put out new guidance— guidelines, guidance...it’s not medical orders anymore, it's not mandated, it’s just guidance— from the Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS...It said that pharmacists must prescribe abortion pills under federal law, regardless of who requests them,” Posobiec said.

“Well, here's the problem with that,” he explained. “What they're doing is, they're setting up a potential conflict between federal law and state law. And the Biden administration knows this: because what happens then? What happens if you're a pharmacist in a state where abortion has been banned, and yet someone comes up and requests an abortion pill?

“Of course, Big Pharma is going to love this. We know that's what the Biden administration is helping. But what then if you're in a state that doesn't ban abortions, but you want to mail them to someone in a state that does?

“What they're doing is creating universal mail-in nationwide abortions through these abortion pills, and they call it Plan C. There are whole organizations for this. Nobody, I think in the conservative movement, is actually talking about this. We have to dig through what they're doing. They call it telehealth. They call it virtual abortions,” Posobiec said.

He described the process of virtual abortions, per Politico, saying that two drugs are prescribed after a woman has a virtual or telehealth visit with a doctor. Drug induced abortions are carried out with two pills, in a two stage process, and those pills can be sent via mail upon consultation. The drugs both block the hormones that support pregnancy and induce uterine contractions. These drugs make it possible for a woman to have a much more private abortion that one performed in a medical establishment, and enables doctors from out-of-state to take on patients seeking the procedure in states where it is illegal without the need for travel.

“Last year, very late last year, December 2021, the FDA stated that they made a new decision permanently allowing abortion pills by mail,” he said. 

“So you understand this is a two-pronged plan from the Biden regime. They knew that the Dobbs decision,” Posobiec explained, referencing the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, “wasn't going to come down in their favor.” 

“You're going to tell me the Biden regime didn't know about that leak before it came out? Come on, get serious. They knew it was coming. So what's the plan? They authorize abortion pills through the mail. They call it ‘Plan C.’ Of course Big Pharma, they want to sell their pill, they want to get everything out, make sure the medication is flowing, get the pills going through the mail. 

“Then you have a situation where some states are banning it but federal law, and this is what the guidance is from DHHS, federal law says ‘oh, no, you can have it.’ Well, how do you get it then you mail it from the blue states to the red states? This is a problem that we're running into. Not only in this case, but in a state-by-state basis.”

“And the great Tim Pool and the great Kurt Schlichter talked about this last night on Timcast and they have a great point here. We are running into a situation now. Where we have we're going to have abortion states and non-abortion states. And isn't that similar to the way we had slave states and non-slave states in the past? 

“A moral issue dividing the country. Does this setup mismatches between civil law, federal law, state law? It's going to drive people angry. We're already seeing the attacks on pregnancy centers. 

He pointed out that Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling pregnancy centers fake. These are women’s reproductive health clinics that focus on seeing a woman and her pregnancy through to term.

“And then Jane's Revenge goes out and starts attacking. The violence is already starting. And it's becoming geographic, because you've got abortion states and non-abortion states,” he said.

“America is now going to be divided on a state by state basis, not north or south, you might have different zones. But the Biden administration knows this and they're exacerbating the situation because they're pointing to it and they're saying, ‘try and stop us. Try and stop these abortion pills going throughout the country nationwide.’”

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