POSOBIEC: Attempted ‘Detrumpification’ of US Underway as Biden Admin Runs J6 ‘Investigation in Search of a Crime’

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  • 03/02/2023

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec commented on the growing delays in social media merger between Trump Media & Technology Group Corp (TMTG) to and Digital World. The company said earlier this month that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority had sought more information for the merger.

All members of its board received subpoenas from federal prosecutors related to the merger plans.

"Digital World acquisitions. What is that? That's the company that merged with Truth Social and Truth Media to create the Trump Media and Technology group...The idea was that the merger was going to happen by the end of the year," briefed Posobiec. "However...subpoenas are going out...to the board members because the SEC, apparently, has launched an investigation, again."

Posobiec then pointed out that "every time" Trump or anything with Trump's name attached tries to do something, "there's always some investigation, there's always some lawsuit."

"I love how you get all these wine aunts out there...there are still people watching the January 6 committee hearings, I guaruntee you. It's like the stay-at-home wine aunts with their coterie of cats. Not young cats, but old cats, like old mangey cats. And they are just sitting there watching this stuff," said Posobiec, implying that these wine aunts would be the only ones that watch these SEC hearings, as no one else in the country actually cares.

"So they will then sit there again and they will be sitting there watching, 'okay, so the DA,  and the SEC, and the, because the stock option and the price, and the issue is,'" said Posobiec, mocking them as mumbling and incoherent. "You need to stop, alright?"

Posobiec said what was really going on was an attempted "detrumpification" of America. "They are attempting to institute a detrumpification of America. They want him and his entire movement, the MAGA movement, gone. They want it gone from the United States, they want it gone from the halls of power, and they want it gone from polite society," he said.

Later in the show, Posobiec detailed how the Biden justice department was conducting an "Investigation in search of a crime," similar to how to SEC sent subpoenas in hopes of eventually finding some kind of illegal activity connected to Trump.

Posobiec made the comments after showing a video of Trump lawyer John Eastman being searched, with federal agents allegedly unlawfully seizing and searching his phone, Eastman said.

"Do you erase your text messages every day? Do you erase your emails every day? Well apparently, you probably should. Because the Biden justice department, and we talked about this last week and here we see it again, they are going after anybody, anybody even remotely connected to President Trump. They're going after them, they're seizing cell phone records, they're seizing emails, they're seizing text messages," said Posobiec.

"This is an investigation in search of a crime," he said.

"So what happened? John Eastman was a lawyer for President Trump, he's a senior fellow at the Clairmont Institute. He was conducting legal activity and legal filings in court cases for President Trump related to the 2020 election."

“Now, you might disagree with those court cases. You might disagree with his conclusions. You might even disagree with his legal theories, and guess what? That's perfectly fine. Because in the country we used to live in, disagreement, debate, argument, holding trials in court to find the truth of things, that's how we took care of business,” he continued.

"But that's now how we do things anymore. That's the old America. In the new America, Biden's America, What happens is you might be out to dinner with your friends... then all of a sudden, you get surrounded by the FBI, and they demand to see your phone, and then they demand that they're going to take your phone, and that you have to unlock it or else you're going to be in even more trouble,” Posobiec concluded.

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