On the Sidewalks of New York: Looking for New York’s Mayra

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  • 03/02/2023

On the Sidewalks of New York is a weekly feature at Human Events wherein Jacqueline Toboroff, a native New Yorker, will share her observations and candid commentary on the goings-on in our nation’s largest city.  Wherever you live, and whatever you feel, there is no escaping the fact that New York City matters.

I live in Manhattan and care that Republican Mayra Flores just won Texas’ 34th District in Southern Texas. Here’s why.

Since Bill de Blasio became New York City’s Mayor in 2014, hope has eroded. His radical views and policy implementation meant the greatest city in the world, once the leader in safety, finance, hospitality, and arts became the leader in crime, war on the middle class, hostility towards business owners, and destruction under the artist in residence, BLM.  Mayor Adams in 2021 took off where de Blasio left off and made things worse.  He added to the New-York-City-leads list a few more historic firsts.

The Big Apple is now the leader in outmigration in all of America. We are also at the forefront of masking toddlers, beating out every other corner of the Earth for this distinction (Adams just lifted it in time for the end of the school year). We’re winning in losing police. Over 1,500 NYPD officers are resigning or retiring - and we’re only halfway into the year! It’s the biggest exodus ever recorded and coincides with a raging crime spike that will now definitely break new records for all the wrong reasons.

Why are officers leaving? The Left. The Left has gone to war against Law enforcement. The attacks aren’t just coming from the government; last year the DOE Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter sent out an email outside the purview of education and her job, besmirching police, to public school parents, many of which are cops.

Whether it is bail reform, removal of qualified immunity, CCRB, or the constant casting of aspersions by Mayors de Blasio and Adams, a radical Left City Council that defunded the NYPD by $1 billion dollars from the $6 billion dollar budget, our Public Health Advocate, Comptroller, or congressmen and women, these people on the Left won’t shut up. By the way, they all use taxpayer-funded private security! You see, the Left loves police - just not for you.

The problem is, the Left is anti-law enforcement but now, as crime spikes and police are handcuffed, the Right is frustrated. With the resigning and retiring NYPD, a genius turn of events has happened; the Left has managed to do two things. First, get closer to its ultimate goal of abolishing police via making the job so hellish. Second, eventually rehire an all-new woke class of officers that are politically weaponized by the Left.  Perhaps like the army, fitness standards will be lowered. With the Left’s predilection for “young love”, maybe pedophilia will no longer be criminalized.

In short, New York City is long overdue for some good news. We need a miracle; engaged voters wrangling friends and bringing them to the polls to vote out every single Democrat. We have a chance on November 8th to break up one-party Democrat rule.

Here’s where Mayra comes in. Even though New York City is a Democrat enclave, so was the 34th District in Southern Texas.

In 2020, Mayra’s district voted for Biden +13. The Rio Grande Valley has been a Democrat stronghold for over 100 years.

There’s been a referendum. New York City and District 34 in Southern Texas have quite a bit in common other than long-standing Democrat leaders and failures. Both areas are plagued by crime, illegals, economic woes, unemployment, and above all, the threat to the American family.

Moms like first-time candidate and winner Mayra have had enough! Moms are running for public office and winning in record numbers. We are activated, politically motivated, impacting policy, and effectuating change.  We care about issues impacting our family’s safety. Mayra is proof that Republican light doesn’t work but leaning into the issues is the winning formula.

Being pro-police, pro-small business, anti-CRT, anti-illegals, anti-all mandates, and anti-infringements on the Constitution and our individual rights are just some of the issues New York City Republican politicians should strongly embrace.

There was just a Republican gubernatorial debate.  New Yorkers should feel proud; we have four solid candidates. That being said, Giuliani won before the debate started.  While all the candidates oppose mandates, Giuliani refused to play ball with a group practicing medical segregation. He didn’t break and was held in medical captivity in a separate location. All the other candidates should have refused to participate and stood in solidarity with Giuliani. This is what they’re running on, after all.  To moms like me, this moment mattered.  We’ve been through two years of hell watching our children ostracized from society and mandated unconstitutionally.  We want a fighter.  Then, Giuliani’s second win; zero pussyfooting around issues. Moms are sick of being lied to. Mask, no mask, tough on crime, zero repercussions for criminals - we have heard it all and are sick of the political pandering.  We want straightforward answers to straightforward questions.

New Yorkers, have you had enough of the crime, mandates, homeless encampments, war on the middle class, outmigration impacting the economy, and tyrannical one-party rule? Early voting has started.  Get on board with the rest of your state where Trump won 58 of the entire 62 counties in 2020. Mayra’s victory in the Texas border valley is a guide to the 4 NYC counties held hostage by the Left machine that is grinding down parents and MOMS.

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