The Dark Side of the Rainbow: How the Pride Flag Came to Represent Intolerance and the Atrocious Medical Abuse of Children

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  • 03/02/2023

On June 1, Justin Trudeau kicked off the season of incessant corporate rainbow-washing by raising the Pride flag on Parliament Hill. He stated that Pride season is “a time to celebrate our differences”, and proudly tweeted that the flag is “a symbol of hope, solidarity, and diversity”.

But my Prime Minister is mistaken. He appears to be talking about a different flag - the original Pride flag. The simple rainbow of the gay rights movement. A flag that truly did represent tolerance and inclusivity.

The one Trudeau raised, the Progress Pride flag, with its chevron combining the colors of trans rights inexplicably with black and brown, represents no such thing. In fact, it represents misogyny, homophobia, and the medical abuse of mostly gay, lesbian, and autistic teenagers.

Furthermore, it is the symbol of a movement that has launched an all-out authoritarian attack on our freedom of thought, belief, and expression. We ought to be ashamed that it is flying on Parliament Hill.

But the average Canadian doesn’t understand any of that. Most people in Canada support trans rights because they think it’s the next gay rights - a movement fighting for equality and seeking to improve the lives of a vulnerable oppressed group.

It is understandable why they would think that. On the surface, the two movements appear very similar - there are the rainbow flags, the pleasant-sounding slogans, and heart-wrenching stories about violence and bullying.

But there are some crucial differences. The modern trans rights movement makes demands that gay rights simply never did.

First and foremost, in order to support trans rights, you must be willing to sacrifice truth. You must be willing to accept that the definitions of man and woman are no longer grounded in material reality. You must accept that a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman, and if you dare point out that such a definition is empty circular gibberish, you’ll be immediately accused of transphobia.

Also in the name of trans rights, women are expected to give up the safety and protection of female-only spaces, and they are expected to do so gladly, without complaint. Pointing out that single-sex spaces exist because males commit almost all sex offences and women make up almost all of their victims, thereby making female-only spaces a necessity not a privilege, will also result in accusations of transphobia.

Imagine if gay rights had insisted that gay men be given full access to women’s spaces. If gay rights activists had campaigned to shut down women’s rape crisis shelters for the crime of not allowing gay men entry to them. Or if they’d demanded that gay men be transferred to women’s prisons. One could argue that gay men are more at risk in men’s prisons, and would actually be safer housed with women, but here’s the thing: the gay rights movement didn’t use women as shields to protect males from male violence. The trans rights movement is doing just that.

For many Canadians though, the most difficult aspect of all this to grasp is how the Pride flag could have become a symbol of homophobia. It's very simple. The modern trans rights movement has redefined homosexuality from same-sex attraction to same-gender attraction.

This gives us the most ludicrous concept of all: the male lesbian. Because if a heterosexual man who identifies as a woman is a literal woman, then it follows that because he is attracted to women, he is also a lesbian - fully intact male anatomy notwithstanding.

Yes, that’s right. The old I’m-a-lesbian-trapped-in-a-man’s-body joke has been brought to life in the form of the stunning and brave male lesbian. Real lesbians (the female ones) are told their “genital preferences” are transphobic bigotry, and they’ll even be banned from lesbian dating apps if they have the audacity to specify females only in their profiles.

Gay men are also told they need to overcome their genital preferences and accept females who believe themselves to be men as dating partners. So once again, same-sex attraction is forbidden, but this time the homophobia is disguised as tolerance and inclusivity.

But by far the worst crime being committed under the banner of that ghastly flag is the atrocity occurring in gender clinics. In the name of trans rights, confused teenagers caught up in an obvious social contagion are being chemically castrated and having healthy body parts amputated in what will undoubtedly turn out to be the worst medical scandal the world has ever seen.

Drawing attention to the fact that all research to date shows most of these teenagers would grow up to be gender-nonconforming gay or lesbian adults if left alone to mature and accept their sexual orientation also results in the inevitable accusation of transphobia.

By now you’ve probably noticed a pattern. That the word transphobia is meaninglessly applied to anyone stating facts or defending reality. Because to trans activists, reality is transphobic. This explains the authoritarian control of thought and speech that characterizes their movement. If you’re going to demand that people believe absurdities, the only way to do so is by force.

There can be no doubt that the Progress Pride flag will go down in history as the symbol of the erosion of women’s rights and the unforgivable medical abuse of untold numbers of vulnerable young people, and Canadians of the future will surely feel nothing but shame that the Trudeau government saw fit to raise it outside Parliament.

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