SERIOUSLY?! ‘The View’ Hosts Call for Getting ‘Rid of the Republican Party’

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  • 03/02/2023

“The View” hosts called for getting “rid of the Republican Party” to pass gun control on Thursday, saying they were the “party of White Supremacy” and “massacres.” 

"I always say don't vote for Republicans," co-host Joy Behar said. "Right now, I mean you can go back to it after you have gun laws."

As reported by Fox News, Behar said Republicans would be voted out if they vote for gun control laws in Congress because that's not what their constituents want. 

"In 1994, the assault weapons ban went into effect and many of the Republicans who voted for it lost their jobs," Behar claimed. 

She argued that the only way to "preserve" the Republicans' jobs was to vote for Democrats, "then they can do whatever they want in the Republican Party" and there would be more Democrats to "get the laws done."

"That is my answer to this problem right now," Behar concluded. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin echoed Behar's point later in the discussion, saying that Republicans "get in lock step against gun safety because all they care about is power."

"Get rid of these weapons of war, and it's not going to happen with Republicans in power. So I am now with you, Joy. Get rid of Republicans, get rid of the party, the party as it stands now, because it's a party of White Supremacy, it's the party of insurrectionists, it's the party of massacres at this point," Hostin said. "You can't trust it." 

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