On the Sidewalks of New York: Taboo

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  • 03/02/2023

Whether it’s the Left’s desire to abort up to and post birth, deny baby formula, distort gender roles, make drug usage aspirational, or glorify obesity, starting and raising a family is under attack. If a sperm person and egg person make it past the first date and advance to procreation, in comes the next rocket.  Being labeled radical. The Left has waged war on American traditions.  The pinnacle of traditions is family.  Having kids is now taboo.

Dating has always been nuanced. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking. Required is a blend of vulnerability, confidence, strategy, and luck.

In 2022 in New York City, the dating tool-kit requires more; a muzzle, impeccable past, and access to a lawyer.

Men have been pitched as rapists and subjugators; “toxic masculinity”.  From the Biden administration and the democratic caucus all the way down the local chain to the teachers union and media, a hybrid is created; manchildwoman.

Like a seedless watermelon, men have been transformed and turned into a mad science experiment. Incessant and inescapable messaging encourages men both subtly and opaquely to be effete, juvenile, ill-prepared, and confused. Manchildwomen wear dresses and jewelry like the “men” featured in Gucci ads. Calvin Klein just birthed a pregnant man.  Its latest campaign features a “woman” in the background (ironic) overshadowed by a flaccid “man” who is…pregnant.  Celebrities announce having a transgender or transitioning toddler, like it’s become an accessory. 

Incontinent messaging pits women she-men sumo wrestlers who can do it all against abject losers who merit neither their own sports teams or bathrooms.  Stoking the fire is virtually all athletic companies and fashion magazines now insisting obesity is the aspirational paradigm that men must find attractive (because why let anyone have a choice). The men rejecting this notion are branded as racists.  

This piece of the puzzle is important to understand because obesity is a killer.  Over 108 million American adults suffer from obesity, defined by the WHO as having a body mass index of over 30.  Obesity puts millions of Americans at higher risk for life-threatening illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and covid. The Left has gaslit the public into thinking if one is pro health or not a chemistry denier, one is racist.  

The pivotal moment this occurred was under the Trump administration. Black U.S. surgeon general, Jerome Adams, appealed to segments of the black community asking them to take responsibility for their actions as a means of reducing their risk of getting covid.  Adams was immediately branded a racist by the likes of Maxine Waters and Nikole Hannah-Jones.  A disproportionate number of black Americans fell victim to covid because there’s a higher prevalence among blacks of pre-existing health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.  The WHO says the condition is “preventable” by eating healthy food and engaging in regular exercise.

The University of Illinois Chicago’s school of public health published a brief stating focus on body size is rooted in racism. It ”wants to cancel the word ‘obesity’...[and] replace it with ‘people with larger bodies’.”

The Me Too movement presents another challenge.  Supposedly smart, competent, women taking meetings in hotel rooms at night with a suspected predator only to speak up decades later to gain awards and millions of dollars, was half baked.

Me Too didn’t help women, it hurt them. Real victims were drowned out by a sea of opportunists every bit as abusive as the purported male aggressors. 

Finally, the Left is ratcheting up efforts to make drug usage aspirational amongst the youth.  A newly rolled out ad campaign on New York City subways features, “Don’t be ashamed you are using, be empowered that you are using safely.”  This is beyond parody.

Flirting is becoming extinct. Bars, restaurants, and clubs, where people went to meet others, are over.  To date, one must pay to go on a dating site.  It’s transactional. 

Seduction is gone. Flirting is an invitation to Me Too. The following steps, dating, mating, and raising a family are endangered.  If a man resembling a man hits on a woman, he could be accused of rape. Almost all hetero women will say, if honest, they don’t want to be the one hitting on men, they want the men initiating. If hetero women are even more blunt, they’ll admit they rather date a guy from Yellowstone, an alpha male, than a man in a skirt spending more time getting ready in the morning than her.

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