Unsocial Media Monitor: The left laughs at baby formula shortage concerns

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  • 03/02/2023

This series on Human Events will be a weekly feature to shine a bright light on the social media activities between those who claim to be part of the “diversity and tolerance” crowd.

Each week, we will take a look at some of the goings on from the world of social media.  While the traditional large platforms are quick to silence conservative voices, even for factually correct postings, they seem to let others say whatever they wish, regardless of the degree of maliciousness

As American mothers struggle to find formula to feed their children, many on the left find it amusing, insisting that the baby formula shortage is nothing more than a right-wing political talking point.

“Inflation down for the first time in 8 months, and should trend down from here ahead of the election. Now what will Fox News cover? Roll out the Southern border stories,” progressive activist Amy Siskind tweeted Wednesday.

“And don’t forget the baby formula shortage! OMG!” retired Huffington Post reporter Ann Brenoff replied.

“lol. They care a lot about that too,” Siskind answered.

“Now it’s baby formula, every single day it’s some new fucking bullshit with Republicans,” wrote Alex Cole, the founder of a clothing brand that sells t-shirts with progressive activist messaging.

Other users shared a photo of a 1960 recipe for homemade baby formula, some implying that its existence negates the supposed “Republican” narrative of a formula crisis. 


One user, by the name of “Facts Strike Nerves” scoffed at “Republicans crying about baby formula shortages.”

In fact, “Republicans” “crying about baby formula” for starving infants was a common complaint from Team Left Twitter this week.



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