Moderna Sets Eyes on Fall Release for Omicron-Specific COVID Vaccine

A top executive at Moderna said the Omicron-specific COVID-19 vaccine booster could potentially be released in the fall. 

“We announced a couple weeks ago a new, variant-specific booster that we’ve been testing, and we have an additional candidate, our lead candidate, in testing now that I believe is going to be even more superior,” Moderna Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton told CBS News on Sunday, per the Epoch Times. 

“We are confident that by the fall of this year, we should have large amounts of that new booster vaccine that will protect against Omicron and other variants, and really protect Americans and people around the world as we go into the fall of 2022,” he continued 

Earlier this year, the FDA set a June deadline for vaccine manufacturers to submit their formulas for variant-specific COVID-19 vaccines.