YouTube Suspends The Hill Over Video of Donald Trump Denying Election Results

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  • 03/02/2023

In the latest example of Big Tech censorship, YouTube suspended The Hill for playing a clip of President Trump claiming the 2020 presidential election was stolen. 

YouTube suspended The Hill’s channel for violating its policies after its morning show posted two clips of Trump denying the 2020 election results. The channel is unable to upload videos for seven days. 

“We covered former President Trump’s remarks about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” the morning show - called Rising - said on Twitter. “In a soundbite, he repeated his claim that the 2020 election was stolen. Our discussion focused on what Trump said about Putin and did not explicitly rebut claims of election fraud.” 

“It’s hard to understand how the cause of fighting misinformation could be well-served by punishing news channels that educate viewers about what their political leaders are saying,” Rising host Robby Soave told the Daily Caller.

YouTube confirmed the channel was suspended for violating the platform’s policies. 

“We removed content from and issued a strike to this channel for violating our election integrity policy, and as a result, this channel is suspended from publishing new videos or live streams for seven days,” YouTube policy communications manager Ivy Choi said. “We do allow for content with sufficient educational, documentary, scientific or artistic context, which the removed content did not contain.”

“It is one thing for YouTube to ban people who are making false claims,” Soave said. “It is quite another for YouTube to prohibit people from educating their viewers about the reality that the former president is still spreading these false claims.”

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