More Police Officers Killed Under Biden than in Any Year Since 1995

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  • 03/02/2023

More police officers were killed in 2021, the first year of Biden’s presidency, than have been in any single year since 1995. 

According to Fox News, via BizPacReview, a whopping 73 police officers were killed in the line of duty during 2021. 

The last time this many officers were killed was in 1995, when 74 officers died on the job. The next highest number was 72 in 2011. 

To no surprise, all three records occurred under Democratic presidents: Clinton, Obama and Biden. 

The 2021 killings were up from just 46 in 2020 under President Trump. 

Indeed, officer killings throughout Trump’s presidency remained relatively low: 48 were killed in 2019, 56 in 2018 and 46 in 2017.

Despite Biden proclaiming in New York City last week that he does not support defunding the police, there has been an extreme anti-police sentiment circulating around the country since he took office. 

However, Obama did start the “war on police” in 2009. 

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