Minneapolis Voters Reject City’s Attempt to Eliminate Police Department

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  • 03/02/2023

Perhaps Minneapolis voters reacted on Tuesday to the frightening escalation in the city's violence, or perhaps they read the opinion piece written by Cicely Davis on Human Events Monday. Whatever the reason, voters on Tuesday rejected the city's attempt to eliminate their police department.

The measure, included on the ballot, asked voters whether they wanted to amend the city’s charter to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a simple Department of Public Safety. 

As reported by Just the News, the initiative would have removed language from the charter related to the agency, including funding requirements and would have divided control of public safety between the mayor and City Council. 

According to the ballot, the public safety department would have employed a “comprehensive public health approach” to policing, putting a greater emphasis on mental health.

The question, which needed 51 percent approval to pass, failed 57 percent to 44 percent. 

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