Democrats Try to Save Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Government Overhaul

Democrats were unable to reach a deal to save Biden’s $3.5 trillion government overhaul, forcing leaders to call off the vote until later. 

Speaker Pelosi pushed the House into an evening session on Thursday as democrat leaders worked to negotiate a lesser plan that moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin would accept. 

“I don’t see a deal tonight,” Manchin said. “I really don’t.” 

Progressives were refusing to back the infrastructure bill they believed to be insufficient unless there is progress made on Biden’s broader plan. With support, leaders canceled the promised Thursday night vote and said the House would be back in session Friday, the Associated Press reports. 

“A great deal of progress has been made this week, and we are closer to an agreement than ever,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement. “But we are not there yet, and so, we will need some additional time to finish the work, starting tomorrow morning first thing.” 

“I’m willing to sit down and work on the $1.5,” Manchin said. He also said he told the president that during talks this week, and confirmed that he put his views to paper during earlier talks this summer with Chuck Schumer.