NEWS TALK: Hamachek, Webb Discuss FBI & Team USA Gymnastics, Woke Corporations, Spending Bills

On today’s episode of the Human Events podcast, “News Talk,” Jeff Webb and Brent Hamachek discuss how the FBI and others failed Team USA Gymnastics, as well as woke corporations and the risk they run, with a focus on Webb’s experience building and creating a culture at Varsity. 

They dive into Simone Biles’ testimony last week before Congress and the negligence of law enforcement in pursuing an investigation into the gymnast’s sexual assault claims. 

“We had all read about some of the things that supposedly took place and we’ve seen interviews but I think the interviews in front of the committee last week was, to me, it was somewhat of a surprise because things were even a lot worse than all of us had heard before,” Webb said. “There’s no question that this issue of abuse of young people is something that exists in our society and we see it in all different types of youth sports, youth activities.” 

“It was just gut wrenching that these young people had the courage to come forward after all of this abuse,” he said. “This is against the law and the FBI failed them, is the way it sounds.” 

“When our institutions fail us again and again, it’s not good and it leads to some really serious things,” he added.

To finish off the episode, they discuss the feeding frenzy in Washington between democrats over their two massive unfunded spending bills.