Prince Andrew Served with Legal Papers, Sued for Sexual Assault by Jeffrey Epstein Accuser

Prince Andrew has been served with paperwork for the sexual assault lawsuit brought forward by the Jeffrey Epstein accuser who claims the prince raped her as a teen. 

According to a document filed Friday, per the Daily Mail, an affidavit was served at Prince Andrew’s Windsor home on August 27. 

An agent working on behalf of Virginia Roberts Giuffre handed the papers over to police officers at the property. 

“I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me,” Giuffre said in a statement last month. “The powerful and rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions. I hope that other victims will see that it is possible not to live in silence and fear, but to reclaim one’s life by speaking out and demanding justice.” 

“I did not come to this decision lightly,” she went on. “As a mother and a wife, my family comes first – and I know that this action will subject me to further attacks by Prince Andrew and his surrogates – but I knew if I did not pursue this action, I would be letting them and victims everywhere down.” 

As previously reported by Human Events News, for years, Prince Andrew has denied allegations. Indeed, in 2019, he told BBC News: “It didn’t happen.” 

“I can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened,” he said. 

The Daily Mail reports: 

The documents filed on Friday state that Cesar Sepulveda with British corporate intelligence company GCW intelligence went to Andrew’s home on August 26 at 9.30am where he met with security staff at the gate, handed over a business card and was asked to wait.

The document says that after some time’ Sepulveda met with a Metropolitan police officer who tried to call to see whether he could be let up.

After more time passed, Andrew’s head of security arrived and had ‘apparently experienced the same difficulties and could not raise anyone in charge there’.

The document states: ‘The Metropolitan Police Officer/head of security could not locate the defendants private secretary, or anyone senior and the dependent was told that the security there had been instructed not to allow anyone attending there for the purpose of serving court papers onto the grounds of the property and at the time they had been told not to accept service of any court process.’

The lawsuit, filed in August under the Child Victims Act in Manhattan, claims that Prince Andrew “intentionally committed battery by sexual assaulting Plaintiff when she was a minor.” 

“On multiple occasions Prince Andrew intentionally touched (Roberts) in an offensive and sexual manner without her consent.”