Former Brexit Party Leader Blasts Biden’s Relations With U.K.

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  • 03/02/2023

Amidst the Afghanistan evacuation, former Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage blasted the Biden Administration’s relationship with the United Kingdom, saying there’s “no way” parliament would vote to cooperate militarily under a Biden or Harris administration. 

When asked on Fox News how the U.S. looks to the rest of the world, Farage replied that our image has “never been worse.” 

“I mean, we have been beside you for 20 years. We’re a smaller country than America, but the U.S. has put in the same money, and suffered the same human loss. And we’ve never quibbled about that. We understood the reasons for the mission.” 

“And we, too, after 20 years, were tired of being here, but how you withdraw, the method by which you withdraw, is just as crucial with a military operation as how you go in,” he continued, per Just the News. 

He added: “And for President Biden, unilaterally, without consultation with us or the rest of the NATO allies, just to announce America is going, to effectively fly the white flag to the Taliban, to see that dramatic takeover of these barbarians of the country...right now, why would we ever trust America in any international mission, given they make decision without consulting their closest friends?” 

“The medium term problem is the resurgence of international terror, already evidence that extremist jihadi groups all over the world have taken great cheer from what the Taliban have done in Afghanistan...How do we go out and try and stop these cells that are spreading international terror? How can we do it with the Americans? How can we do it with an ally that is treating us with contempt and betrayed us and, into the bargain, many of our own citizens?” he said. 

“Certainly, if it’s a Biden or Harris administration, honestly, there is no way, there is no way a British parliament right now would vote for military cooperation with America led by this administration,” he said. “And that’s a very sad thing to say, because since 1917, the U.K. and America have been side by side in virtually every major conflict.” 

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