Former Editor of Drudge Report Launches New Conservative Aggregator

Joseph Curl, former editor of the Drudge Report, launched a new conservative aggregator Tuesday with a “fearless attitude” towards breaking news. 

Off the Press, according to Curl, will cover “everything for those who devour news all day.” 

And, with the Drudge Report becoming just another arm of the mainstream media conglomerate, Curl sees the marketplace as ripe with opportunity. 

“Now more than ever, keeping up with the most important stories is a battle,” Curl said. “With social media deluging everyone with endless posts on their news feed, the internet needs an editor to cull the very best stories and present them on a single site. That will be the sole mission of Off the Press.” 

Joining Curl as co-editor is journalist Paul Bedard, “Washington Secrets” columnist for the Washington Examiner. 

While its perspective will lean right, the aggregator will include coverage from all ends of the political spectrum to keep readers aware. Readers will also find stories about all the topics driving the news, from COVID-19 and inflation, to critical race theory and the billionaire space race, Just the News reports

Additionally, Off the Press will make interactivity a priority, hosting a tip box for readers to contribute story ideas they believe deserve coverage. 

Curl said that “all the editors will be reading those tips every day” to ensure their coverage stays as current as possible, per PR News Wire. 

“But unlike the Drudge Report,” Curl said, “you won’t see any stories about exorcisms!”