Democrats Planning Civilian Climate Corps with Millions of Employees Paid $15 Per Hour

In efforts to eradicate climate change, a group of democrats are pushing to create a Civilian Climate Corps that could employ millions at $15 per hour, minimum

“I was proud to stand alongside Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez this year as we reintroduced the Green New Deal and also brought forward our new Civilian Conservation Corps because that legislation is a pathway to new jobs in our country, union jobs for young people,” Sen. Ed Markey said during a press conference. 

Recruits “can, through apprentice programs, not just have a job but have a career in fighting this climate crisis and a pathway for education, a pathway for them to pay off their student loans or go to college,” he added. 

As reported by Just the News, both Biden and Chuck Schumer have endorsed creating a Civilian Climate Corps modeled on the New Deal-era Civilian Conservation Corps. 

“I am using my power as majority leader to ensure that the Civilian Climate Corps will be included in the reconciliation package, and I will fight to get the biggest boldest CCC possible,” Schumer said. “Together, we’re going to work to make this a strong, bold and so important reality.” 

The budget currently boasts an estimated $3.5 trillion, including a large portion of Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. 

The Corps “would put millions of people back to work in the short-term, but it would put millions of people on the pathway to lifelong climate smart careers,” according to Markey. He said that “$15 an hour must be our floor, not our ceiling, and we have to ensure that we support the health and childcare and transformational job training and educational benefits that every single family in our country need.”