ANOTHER CASE OF KARMA: 2 More Texas Dems Test Positive for COVID After Fleeing to D.C.

In another case of bad karma, two more Texas democrats who fled to Washington D.C. tested positive for COVID-19, officials said Sunday.

As previously reported by Human Events News, at least 59 Texas House democrats left the state on Monday to deny the republican-controlled legislature the quorum needed to pass voting legislation.

The democrats were set to fly on two chartered planes to Washington D.C, and will have to remain out of state for several weeks to avoid voting during the 30-day special legislative session, called to order by Abbott.

Abbott said that lawmakers who left the state “will be arrested” upon their return, and even said they’ll be locked in the chamber until a vote is made.

The agenda for the special session includes 11 bills from the previous session, including a bill which seeks to “reduce the likelihood of fraud in the conduct of elections.”

Out of the lawmakers, five have tested positive for COVID-19, all of whom were fully vaccinated, per the Epoch Times.

The caucus said that “all of the HDC Members who tested positive are feeling good, with no symptoms or only mild symptoms.”

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer on Sunday evening confirmed that he was one of the lawmakers who tested positive.

“I will be tele-working with my colleagues, staff, partners, and allies. We’re planning more good trouble, and hope to make announcements soon,” Fischer said in a statement. “Democracy is in jeopardy, and we will not be stopped in our fight to protect it.”