Maricopa Matters: More Question as Auditors are Wait for Access

While the nation is already preparing for midterm elections in 2022, some states are still trying to assess election integrity questions from 2020. Arizona has been dealing with calls for greater scrutiny into particular counties, Maricopa being one of them. Just the News reports that auditors attempting to do analysis on anomalies in the voting results, have been blocked despite having acquired a subpoena.

An auditor helping lead the 2020 election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, said Thursday that it is “critically important” auditors gain access to a contested set of data machines that the county is refusing to hand over. 

Maricopa County has for months refused to hand over county-owned routers subpoenaed by the Arizona state Senate, despite a judge earlier this year ruling the subpoena valid, effectively ordering the county to comply. 

County officials have claimed that the routers, if surrendered, could constitute a security risk if sensitive data within them is leaked.

The auditors are continuing to pursue the routers in hopes of finding greater clarity and answers for the state. The auditors insist that the data they wish to pursue is not personal or sensitive in nature, but would rather assist in preventing hacks in any future elections. While protecting upcoming races in 2022 and beyond they will also be able to identify any previous attempts to manipulate data in the 2020 election.