FREEDOM CALLING: Bitcoin Boss Introduces New ‘Uncensorable’ Device that Protects Privacy, Political Thought

The youngest Bitcoin millionaire, Erik Finman, created the Freedom Phone, a device seeking to protect users’ privacy, promote free speech and combat Big Tech censorship. 

The founder said he was “basically creating something that is “unbannable,” “uncensorable” and isn’t reliant on Apple or Google app stores, Just the News reports. 

The Freedom Phone has “its own app store, which has all the apps a phone normally has, plus banned ones as well,” Finman said. “And we feature apps that promote free speech and promote patriotism. And you know, we put a huge focus on privacy features as well.” 

The device runs on Android, but has added security features to protect users’ data from the Big Tech conglomerate

“[W]e built it on top of Android, so that way you can have all the apps you have, but we Hillary-Clinton-acid-washed all the Google stuff out and really went top to bottom,” Finman said. “It was a dirty job, but we got rid of all that junk…because we wanted you to be able to still run on traditional apps, like if you have a banking app, or if you have ADT security or whatever, and all that, plus have the banned ones as well.” 

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