Biden’s Approval Rating: How is He Doing?

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  • 03/02/2023

As Joe Biden begins his fifth month as president of the United States, his approval numbers are declining

As reported by Just the News, Biden’s approval numbers are on a downward trend, according to McLaughlin & Associates May survey. 

“It’s not a good sign for Joe Biden,” Jim McLaughlin, a republican pollster, said. “What we’re seeing right now are approval numbers in the low 50s...and the intensity level is only about 32 percent of people say they strongly approve of the job he’s doing.” 

Meanwhile, in the Real Clear Politics average, Biden’s approval rating sank to 52.3 percent as of June 22. On the other side, his current disapproval rating spiked to 43.6 percent. 

Among white voters, Biden’s approval has fallen to just 44 percent and 47 percent with likely 2022 male voters. Female voters, on the other hand, remain heavily pro-Biden with 59 percent approval and so do black voters with 87 percent approval. 

“One of the big issues that we’re seeing pop up is inflation and cost of living, and we haven’t seen that in a long time,” Jim McLaughlin said. “People are really feeling it, whether it’s the price of gas, or the price of groceries, [prices] are really going up right now. That’s going to hurt Joe Biden in the long run.” 

In semi-contradiction, Rasmussen, the only daily tracking poll that has been consistently polling in the same manner for years, has shown Biden’s approval rating relatively steady, hovering around 43 to 49 percent disapproval and 48 to 54 percent approval, with the occasional outlier. 

Scott Rasmussen, founder of Rasmussen Media Group, is hesitant to tie Biden’s numbers on any single action. 

“I think this is more of a natural tendency of the way the electorate works,” he told Just the News. “It’s not going to be about one thing he said in Europe.” 

What’s hurting Biden is that “he’s losing enthusiasm from within his own party,” Rasmussen said. 

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