Jeff Webb Appears on Newsmax to Discuss Border Crisis: ‘It’s Out Of Control’

As reported by Human Events News, the San Diego Board of Education announced it will send teachers to the San Diego Convention Center to provide in-person learning for migrant children staying there. 

Meanwhile, American students across the nation are forced to learn from home. 

Entrepreneur and Human Events senior news editor and co-publisher Jeff Webb appeared on Newsmax with reaction. 

“How long are we going to be hearing these excuses about why students are not being taught live, in-person, five days a week in schools across the country?” Webb asked. 

“I think that there’s no excuse for it,” he added. “Jen Psaki is very good at spinning things, there’s no doubt about it but in this case, it’s a travesty.” 

Webb urged that teachers staying home and preventing students from the opportunity to learn in-person is wrong. 

“Again, the entire policy, the entire outcome of teachers staying away from school and our children not being able to learn in person is just horrible, and I think they’re wrong in this case.” 

In terms of the crisis itself, Webb begged a very important question: if it’s not a surge, which is what team-left claims, then what is it? 

“If it’s not a surge, what is it?” he asked. “They don’t want to use crisis, they don’t want to use surge, what is it? This is a huge problem. It’s out of control. It’s getting worse.” 

Webb reiterated that something must be done before it’s too late. 

“I’m really worried we are going to have some type of catastrophic event here that just blows this thing completely up and something has to be done. It’s getting worse. It is a surge. It is a crisis. It’s cruel, what is happening to those children is cruel and inhumane and frankly immoral,” he said.

“It has to be addressed.”