Biden Asks All Senate Confirmed U.S. Attorneys Appointed by Trump to Resign 

In even further efforts to dismantle anything and everything done by Donald Trump, Joe Biden will start removing all U.S. attorneys that were confirmed by the Senate during Trump’s administration. 

The resignation request applies to 56 U.S. Attorneys, according to the Daily Wire. Justice officials have scheduled a call with each one around the country to discuss a transition that is expected to take several weeks. 

Though, the Justice official did not say when the resignations will take effect.

Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson will not touch Special Counsel John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, but Durham is expected to resign from his role as U.S. attorney in Connecticut. 

“We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition,” Wilkinson said on Tuesday. 

“Interim and acting leaders in the U.S. Attorneys’ offices will make sure that the department continues to accomplish its critical law enforcement mission, vigorously defend the rule of law and pursue the fair and impartial administration of justice for all,” he added. 

While it is often standard for presidents to request the U.S. Attorneys appointed by their predecessors to step down, it is interesting – but not surprising – that there is not even a peep of discontent towards Biden.

When Donald Trump would fire someone, it made headlines for days as the media criticized and called him every name in the book. 

Shockingly enough, the Biden administration is also asking U.S. Attorney David Weiss to remain in his position, as he is overseeing the tax investigation of Hunter Biden.