Will Chamberlain Appears on 'The Charlie Kirk Show' to Discuss GameStop, Big Tech and the GOP

On the Saturday episode of the Charlie Kirk Show, host Charlie Kirk and Human Events Editor-in-Chief Will Chamberlain discussed several pressing topics: the GameStop craze, the future of republican party and Big Tech Censorship. 

Chamberlain, who was once a short seller, shared an interesting take on the GameStop fiasco. 

“I think it’s another example of how social media in general can upend different spheres of human activity. Politics is one area that’s been upended by social media,” Chamberlain said, ”but another place where collective action can create change is the financial market. So this is another instantiation of how social media changes the world.” 

He also pointed out that the Biden administration is the tool of Wall Street. 

In terms of the future of the GOP, Chamberlain said the party needs to figure out a path forward, and fast. 

“I think the republican party has got two years to figure out, ‘what are we going to be for? And what are we going to do?’ The answer can’t be, ‘Trump’s gone, now we can ignore all those populist concerns,’” he said. “

Towards the end of the episode, Kirk and Chamberlain discussed Big Tech.

“If there’s clearly a public interest in ensuring you’re able to run your business [a certain way], isn’t there a public interest in ensuring you don’t infringe on everybody’s freedom of speech?,” Chamberlain asked. “Why is one public interest regulatable and the other’s not?”

Listen to the full episode for more.