Famous DC Bookstore Insults Trump Fans, MAGA Hits Back

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  • 09/21/2022

An historically loved Washington, D.C. bookstore named Capitol Hill Books is facing backlash after taking to Twitter to insult Trump supporters ahead of the 4th of July weekend.

The book store posted the following tweet on July 3rd:

"Reminder: the best way to avoid MAGA tourists in DC this holiday weekend is to enter a book store."

Conservatives replying to the tweet, some of whom have "literally"> bought hundreds of books" from Capitol Hill Books, are not just terminating their business with the book store.

Trump supporters are spreading the word, sending the tweet to every Republican in the city, as a social media backlash intensifies against the new owners.

One Twitter user said,"> the statement is a "great way to alienate half of America."

This isn't the first, and probably not the last, left-leaning tweet from the bookstore.

Another tweet read:"> "Wish there were a way we could temporarily move the store a few blocks farther from the Lincoln Memorial on July 4th." This, of course, is in reference to the speech President Trump will be giving from the Lincoln Memorial during the Fourth of July celebration.

Last weekend, Capitol Hill Books decided to donate twenty per cent of their sales to Planned Parenthood.

They have tweeted"> against the abortion laws in places such as Alabama as well, claiming women's health is under attack.

The book store was founded in 1991 by Bill Kerr of The Washington Post. Kerr ran the store out of the lower level and lived upstairs. Due to popularity and the need for expansion, the store now takes up both levels in addition to the basement.

In 1995, Capitol Hill Books was passed on to Morton "Jim" Toole. Toole, a retired two-star Navy admiral, ran the store for twenty-three years.

"Jim Toole says young people are killing the English language," according to The Washington Post.

Nonetheless Toole has been known to give millennials jobs and help them in their literary pursuits. He told The Washington Post, "This place needed fresh young blood that has the energy to run up and down the stairs". And that's just what Capitol Hill Books got.

The book store saw a change in ownership just shy of a year ago. Four of the store's young employees - Aaron Beckwith, Matt Wixon, Kyle Burk and Shantanu Malkar - bought the store from Toole, who is now in his early eighties. However, Toole continues to work there and advise the new owners.

Jim Toole turned Capitol Hill Books into the go-to spot in the neighborhood - regardless of politics - for rare, used, and collectors' books. In the two decades and change he was in charge, the small store received national media attention and became a DC destination.

One can hope the book store will drop the divisive politics and continue being a longtime DC go-to spot.



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