AntiFa Brutally Assault Journalist During Portland Protest

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  • 08/21/2022

A journalist who covers AntiFa in the Pacific Northwest has become the victim of an alleged violent assault by leftist militants.

Scenes of the attack on reporter Andy Ngo were captured on video livestreams broadcasting demonstrations in downtown Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

The group turned into a mob, which turned on the journalist. Having learned his identity, AntiFa attacked Andy Ngo.

Members of Rose City Antifa, numbering in the hundreds, organized as a counterprotest to a few dozen right-wing protesters from the Proud Boys and other rightist organizations, who announced their decision to demonstrate in three sites across the city. Police responded to the demonstrations by cordoning off various intersections and preventing the groups from clashing.

Caught in the crossfire was Ngo, an editor for Quillette and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal. He covered the unfolding protest by following a group of anarchist activists, some of whom he identified as “militant AntiFa” in his Periscope livestream.

The group quickly turned into a mob which targets the journalist.

Oregon reporters Dave Killen and Jim Ryan captured much of the attack, which shows Ngo being violently battered by a group of black-clad men and women who robbed him of his camera equipment before proceeding to punch, kick, and throw various objects—including milkshakes, raw eggs, and other makeshift weapons aimed at his head.

In a video posted on Periscope following the attack, a bedraggled Ngo says he did not receive any help from the police until after the attack. He was attended to by paramedics who examined him for cuts and bruises—some of which are visible around his eyes. The attackers remain at large.

[caption id="attachment_179090" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Andy Ngo covered in bruises and milkshakes Pictured: Andy Ngo (Dave Killen via Twitter)[/caption]

Following the attack, far-left commentators cheered on the assault in Twitter mentions to Andy Ngo and blamed him for what happened.

When corporations like Burger King encouraged left-wing activists to throw milkshakes at political figures like Nigel Farage, some members of the press celebrated the exercise as a “nonviolent act that leads to humiliation.”

The attack on Andy Ngo was not a fluke. It was an inevitability.

Vox Media’s Jenny G. Zhang called the hurling of foods “the ultimate act of dissent” and ranked a list of foods she considered effective in silencing political opponents.

They said it would stop with milkshakes and mocked the idea that thrown foods could be anything but violent, but as Human Events’ editor Raheem Kassam predicted, these attacks always escalate to deadlier forms of physical violence.

Andy Ngo’s attack was carried out by the same group of people who call themselves “social justice warriors,” and staunch opponents of racism, fascism, and homophobia.

Ian Miles Cheong is the managing editor of Human Events


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