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Kassam on Fox: Trump’s Right, Sadiq’s a Stone Cold Loser.

The Human Events chief gave London’s Mayor both barrels.

Human Events Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on Fox News on Tuesday.

Kassam used the opportunity to support President Trump’s “stone cold loser” insult about London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Speaking to Bill Hemmer, Kassam walked through the importance of a UK-U.S. trade deal. He also discussed why Britain should no longer pursue a deal with a reluctant European Union.

Speaking of the London Mayor, Kassam said: “Remember once upon a time Trump said he has the ‘best words’? Well he had the best words about Sadiq Khan, the guy’s a stone cold loser!”

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Writing on Monday on Human Events, Kassam opined:

Khan triggered the episode by penning a garbled op-ed for the Observer newspaper. The Guardian’s Sunday, sister paper.

Amongst the charges laid at Trump’s feet: the false narrative about Charlottesville, lies about his immigration policy, and the conflation with dictators.

The latter would have needled Trump especially, given his administration’s hamstrungness during the Mueller investigation. No dictator would have suffered that. Nor would it ever have happened. Trump is especially prickly about how hard done by he’s been during his first term.

Khan’s article is otherwise boring. Except in referring to America as his “best friend”:

“America is like a best friend, and with a best friend you have a responsibility to be direct and honest when you believe they are making a mistake.”

If America is indeed Khan’s “best friend”, it is a best friend who has scarcely heard of him.

He might be popular in midtown Manhattan, though in hitching his wagon to the failing Bill de Blasio that won’t last either. The rest of the nation isn’t interested in his views.

The icing on Khan’s cake is a new video released by his office in conjunction with the women’s magazine Elle. Khan declares himself a feminist and demands Trump approve of abortions.

Khan clearly has no idea about states rights in the U.S., nor the will of the people who have passed the recent, admittedly controversial anti-abortion laws. And nor does Khan have an idea of what sorts of people are getting abortions and why. He’s just virtue-signalling on a matter he thinks will make him “cool” and “woke”.


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