Cardillo: Human Events 'Doing Well', Bill Kristol 'Irrelevant'

“Bill Kristol’s new venture, this moronic Bulwark, might as well be The Atlantic or a left-wing publication. I think [Never-Trumpers] are irrelevant in conservative circles,” said John Cardillo, host of America Talks Live on Newsmax.

Cardillo joined Dr. Sebastian Gorka on his radio show ‘America First’ to discuss the Never-Trumpers and their relevancy, or lack thereof.

“The [Never-Trumpers] are already irrelevant.”           – John Cardillo

“These guys are just in too deep,” Cardillo explained, “They get their speaking gigs, they get their donors, all the establishment hacks who are obsolete dinosaurs. So they can’t give up the revenue stream, because they’ve got no where else to go.”

Gorka inquired about the relevency of the Never-Trump crowd, to which Cardillo replied “They already are irrelevant.”

The Newsmax host contrasts the anti-Trump publications with Human Events, saying “You’ve got sites like Human Events coming back online with more conservative leadership… That site’s doing really well.”

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When Dr. Gorka asked Cardillo if he thinks the Never-Trumpers actually believe what they say or are just pandering to donors, he responded, “They don’t believe a word of it.”

Cardillo continued: “[The Never-Trumpers] are ideologically corrupt, they’re morally corrupt, they don’t have any true ideological leaning. Conservatism all of the sudden became open borders and ‘I’m with Her’ President Hillary. I’m so sick of that label ‘pure conservatism.’ If conservative purity gives you Hillary, then consider me an impure conservative.”

Gorka said the following in reference to a tweet by Jonah Goldberg: “Who are these people? I mean are the Never-Trumpers just sexually repressed nerds who never quite got out of being wedgied in school?” In the tweet, Goldberg quoted Gorka and said “It’s like you used that macho tourniquet of yours for autoerotic asphyxiation one too many times and you can’t even muster the brain cells for something clever.”