Kassam Banned From Facebook on UK Election Day.

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  • 08/21/2022

Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events Raheem Kassam was suspended from Facebook on the day of the EU parliamentary elections in the UK, hours before polls were due to close across the country.

Kassam, a former senior advisor to Nigel Farage, had been in London reporting on the Brexit Party's campaign when he was hit with a seven day ban for an 11-year-old post.

Kassam said on Thursday, "I was trying to post an update about how people still had time left to vote, but apparently, that would have been too much democracy for Facebook. Or probably too much democracy on the side of which they know my followers would vote: Brexit".

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The Human Events Editor-in-Chief could not access Facebook during the rest of election/polling day, where he has a personal reach of up to 8,000,000 per month on his 160,000+ fan page. He was also unable to post to the Human Events page, which has nearly 800,000 likes.

The ban was ostensibly for an 11-yea-old comment wherein Kassam said  "men can't be women." Kassam shared this post last month with the caption "How did I know all this trans sh*t was coming 11 years ago?"

This is not the first time Kassam has been suspended from Facebook - it's the third time this year.

The first suspension came days before he was set to take the main stage of CPAC back in February and Kassam was provided no explanation from Facebook of why he was banned. News of the ban went viral on Twitter and after the President's son Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about it, the ban was overturned.

Kassam was suspended a second time at the end of April, receiving a three day suspension two days prior to the launch of Human Events. This ban locked him out of his personal Facebook, his fan page, and the Human Events Facebook page.

The reasoning given for his second suspension was the post from 11 years ago which read "men can't be women." After the three days were up and Kassam was granted access to his account again, he received an email from an individual at Facebook that explained he engaged in "hate speech" and thus was in violation of the terms of service.

The Human Events Editor-in-Chief is just one of many conservatives who have been censored across social media platforms.

Human Events has been covering big tech's bias against conservatives, with Publisher Will Chamberlain pioneering the idea platform access is a civil right. Since the release of Chamberlain's article on the matter earlier this month, he and Kassam have been on Fox News, Fox Business, and i24 to discuss it.

UPDATE: On Friday morning, after election day, Kassam's access to his page appeared to be restored, with no communication nor notification from Facebook either way.



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