‘White House Correspondent’ BANNED From Twitter After Joining One America News

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  • 09/21/2022

A new reporter for the One America News Network (OANN) has had her Twitter account suspended without explanation, after just one day on her new job.

Chanel Rion – an author and illustrator and newly minted OANN journalist – told Human Events her account with 25,000+ followers was suspended and that she received no warning, nor explanation from Twitter.

Rion is a political correspondent for the network and Human Events understands she will also help cover the White House alongside their key WH correspondent, Emerald Robinson.

Social media users are greeted with an "Account suspended" notification when trying to access Rion's account.

Human Events understands the ban took place just one day into Rion's employment, and just hours after her first package was aired on One America News (below).

The move comes in the same week President Trump name-checked another One America News journalist, Emerald Robinson.

Speaking to a press gaggle outside the White House on Tuesday, the U.S. President personally approached the OANN staffer and said, "How are you Emerald, what's up?"

The president recently tweeted about OANN, which drew ire from establishment, anti-Trump figures like CNN's Brian Stelter:

In a snide article, Stelter wrote of OANN: "[It] has some fans, but it is not a widely known brand - which is all the more reason why the president's plugging it is notable. When he's not assailing "enemy" news organizations, the president is promoting outlets he approves of, and OANN is clearly in the latter camp."

CNN's Oliver Darcy is known for lobbying social media companies to remove right wing voices from their platforms, to which CNN's increasing hysteria over OANN's presence may be linked.

Other right-wing voices recently barred from social media platforms include Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson, Milo Yiannopolous, James Woods, Mike 'AOC Press' Morrisson, and more.



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