Senator Burr Indulges Russiagate Conspiracies. For Shame.

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  • 08/21/2022

No Collusion. No Obstruction.

Those were the findings of the Department of Justice after a nearly two-year long investigation into President Trump’s campaign. Two years of the country being dragged into the muck of preposterous Democratic conspiracy theorizing. Two years of having to listen to purportedly serious people entertain the idea that the President of the United States was a secret Russian spy.

This was all nonsense. It was always nonsense. The Manchurian candidate.

But it’s over. Or at least it should be. We now have the Mueller report – all 400 pages of it. And despite the strenuous efforts of Robert Mueller to contort the obstruction-of-justice statutes to cover President Trump’s behavior, we now have affirmative answers to the questions posed by Rod Rosenstein back in May 2017.

No Collusion. No Obstruction.

So why on earth did Richard Burr just subpoena Donald Trump Jr. to testify – in the Senate’s version of the Russiagate witch hunt?

Trump Jr. has already testified for a total of more than 25 hours in front of three different committees. Trump Jr.’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee was leaked to CNN within minutes – courtesy, reasonable people suspect, of that one Congressman with the strangely shaped neck.

Aren’t we done here? Hasn’t the President’s son – who is a very busy man – provided enough testimony to satisfy even the most dogged of the Democrat conspiracy theorists?

And more importantly, why on earth is a Republican like Burr defying his party, his Majority leader, his president, and the conclusions of the Department of Justice by pursuing subpoenas on a closed case?

[caption id="attachment_176289" align="alignnone" width="515"] Burr and Bush[/caption]

One has to wonder whether Senator Burr’s allegiance to the President was just for show. When it looked like Burr might lose his seat in 2016, he embraced the President, and was named a national security advisor to the campaign.

Your Republican constituents did not elect you to investigate Democrat conspiracy theories, Senator Burr.

But when President Trump fired the now notoriously leaky FBI director James Comey, Burr went to the press with his frustrations, saying that he was “troubled by the timing of this and the reasoning for” Comey’s dismissal. Why the press needed to hear about his frustrations was – and is – unclear.

There are many criticisms that are leveled at President Trump and his campaign. But today, the criticism that anyone in Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russian government is one made in bad faith.

And the idea that a Republican Senator, after an exhaustive and fruitless special counsel investigation, would authorize a subpoena against the President’s son to continue to pursue the same conspiratorial nonsense is simply appalling.

Your Republican constituents did not elect you to investigate Democrat conspiracy theories, Senator Burr.

Wrap it up.

Will Chamberlain is the publisher of Human Events.



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